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Good Country Music (2010-15): My Kinda Country
It’s been an incredible ride for country music over the years. We’ve walked John Denver’s ‘Country Roads’ and witnessed Tammy Wynette’s ‘D.I.V.O.R.C.E’. We’ve seen outlaw country,... show more
Good Country Music (2005-10): Country Countdown
By the noughties we were on the sixth generation of country music artists, and the crossover phenomena continued to creep into the mainstream chart. Taylor Swift... show more
Good Country Music (2000-05): Good Ol’ Boys & Country Gals
The new century gave us some brand new superstars of country, with Shania Twain and Keith Urban leading the way. It was a great time for... show more
Good Country Music (1995-00): Lonestar Lullabies
The end of the twentieth century was almost upon us, and country music had seen some changes over the last couple of decades. Mainstream popularity was... show more
Good Country Music (1985-90): Going Country
In 1985, the New York Times declared country music ‘dead’, but a whole host of new faces were about to prove it wasn’t true. All genres... show more
Good Country Music (1980-85): Crossover Cowboys
After making a huge impact on the mainstream charts - and the silver screen - country music began to decline in popularity as the eighties progressed,... show more
Good Country Music (1975-80): Southern Nights
As the seventies progressed, country music broke into the mainstream charts more and more, bringing its tales of triumph over heartache to the masses. The genre... show more
Good Country Music (1970-75): Rhinestone Cowboys…and Girls!
From the stage of the Grand Ole Opry to the mainstream charts, the rise in popularity of country music during the seventies made for a welcome... show more
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