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Recommended Alternative Rock Music

Good Alternative Rock Music (2010-15): Trendiness Is Trending
Alternative culture has forever focused on unearthing hidden gems and seeking lesser-known prodigies. With the arrival of hipster culture, this became more pronounced than ever; the... show more
Good Alternative Rock Music (2005-10): A New Age for Album Acquisition
With the gap between alternative and mainstream becoming ever narrower, bands who previously operated on the fringes of public consciousness now found themselves firmly in the... show more
Good Alternative Rock Music (2000-05): The Good Times Are Killing Us
With the turn of the millennium came an exciting new time for alternative rock – gone were the baggy jeans, floppy fringes and unthreatening perms of... show more
Good Alternative Rock Music (1995-00): Transitional Transmissions
Alternative Music changed drastically by the mid-90’s: grunge was fading, and Britpop and techno were on the rise. This transition period left many great bands, songs,... show more
Good Alternative Rock Music (1985-90): Out from the Underground
The late 80’s saw the origins of alternative rock that would dominate the 1990’s. Its underground college radio beginnings left a multitude of lesser known... show more
Good Alternative Rock Music (1990-95): Smells like 90’s Spirit
With a little help from Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’, the 90’s saw Alternative Rock dominate MTV and radio. If you’re looking for some lesser known alternative groups, songs... show more
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