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Recommended Western Movies

Good Western Movies (2000-05): Armchair Cowboys, Loaded Remotes
Something odd happened to westerns in the new millennium. The studio output was certainly there but it was where audiences watched them that altered the... show more
Good Western Movies (2005-10): Beans Around the Campfirei
During the latter half of the new millennium, when it came to westerns, Hollywood was in a quandary. Despite a resurgence of interest during the... show more
Good Western Movies (1995-00): Sittin’ in the Saddle with Devils
There was a famous American singer/songwriter called Gene Autry. Even if you’ve never heard of him you’ll know two of his songs; ‘Rudolph the Red... show more
Good Western Movies (1990-95): Wicked Towns & Bad Girls
Actor and Hollywood legend James Stewart once said he could tell what kind of movie he was being asked to make by the weight of the... show more
Good Western Movies (1985-90): Singing Cowboys & Pale Riders
To call John Wayne a true Hollywood legend is no exaggeration. Even though his range was admittedly limited no one did John Wayne as well... show more
Good Western Movies (1980-85): Head ‘Em off At The Pass
The film generally considered to be the first American film that told a story was released in 1903. It had a budget of approximately $150... show more
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