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Recommended TV Movies

Good TV Movies (1990-95): Killer Thrillers
The early 90’s saw TV movies focus heavily on serial killers and the supernatural while skewering celebrity culture in films like ‘Lookwell’, ‘Citizen X’, and ‘When... show more
Good TV Movies (1985-90): Hot Pursuits & Great Escapes
The late 80s saw TV movies grow more sophisticated and grittier than ever, resulting in complex, engaging thrillers like ‘Fortress,’ ‘Escape from Sobibor’ and ‘L.A. Takedown.’... show more
Good TV Movies (1980-85): Panicky Pleasures
The 1980s saw a culture war erupting between older and younger generations. Parents feared losing their children to nebulous forces including satanic cults, role playing games,... show more
Good TV Movies (1975-80): Stalkers, Superheroes & Superstars
The TV movies of the 70s examined and exploited the issues and fads of the day, resulting in genuine classics along with some gloriously guilty pleasures.... show more
Good TV Movies (1970-75): Trash & Treasure
Oft derided as inferior to cinema, 70’s made-for-TV-movies had a unique charm nonetheless: sometimes cheesy, sometimes creepy and all things in-between. Let’s explore some notable good... show more
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