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Recommended Sci-Fi Movies

Good Sci-Fi Movies (1985-90): Total Recall of an Unforgettable Era
The mid-80’s were a tumultuous time, bolstered by fads and technological advances, yet fearful of nuclear Armageddon, disease and tragedy. Cinema echoed these concerns in films... show more
Good Sci-Fi Movies (1975-1980): Spaced-Out Cinema
1970’s sci-fi cinema was often a grim reflection of issues like the Vietnam War and Watergate. But in 1977 ‘Star Wars’ offered wide-eyed escapism to a... show more
Good Sci-Fi Movies (1965-70): A Heady Mix of Experimentation
The late Sixties were psychedelic and trippy, filled with sexual freedom, racial politics, the Viet Nam war, and the Age of Aquarius. This backdrop formed the... show more
Good Sci-fi Movies (1970-75): The End of The World As They Knew It
The 1970’s were a groundbreaking era for cinema, driven by auteur filmmakers exploring the morally complicated themes of the era. Science-fiction proved the perfect format to... show more
Good Sci-Fi Movies (1980-85): Saving Worlds Past, Future & Far, Far Away
In the late 1970s, the rise of the blockbuster changed Hollywood forever. And a big part of this revolution was the science fiction genre. Movies like... show more
Good Sci-Fi Movies (2000-05): Future Imperfect
For me, Science-fiction has always been less about spaceships and laser guns and more about ideas and the challenges of new science and technology. Science-fiction movies... show more
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