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Recommended Road Movies

Good Road Movies (1990-95): Weirdo Wanderlust
90s youth culture ruled road movies, especially in films like ‘My Own Private Idaho’ and ‘Natural Born Killers'. But there are also smaller indie road films... show more
Good Road Movies (1985-90): Road Rages for All Ages
Road movies of the late 80’s appealed to multiple generations with thrilling tales of the open road in films like ‘Dead-End Drive In’, ‘Maximum Overdrive’ and... show more
Good Road Movies (1980-85): Into the Void
The road movies of the 80s flirted with violence, nihilism, coming of age and midlife crisis, especially in films like ‘Fandango’, ‘Lost in America’ and ‘The... show more
Good Road Movies (1975-80): Pedal to the Metal
Road films of the 70’s helped define the decade, from comedies like ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ and ‘The Blues Brothers’ to horror films like ‘The Car’... show more
Good Road Movies (1970-75): Bikers, Schemers, Speeders & Dreamers
The 70s were a turbulent era, ripe with disillusionment - Vietnam, Watergate, struggles over the environment, equal rights, and a clash between conservatism and the counterculture... show more
Good Road Movies (2000-05): Hitchin’ a Ride
Frank Capra’s delightfully engaging It Happened One Night sent the two Hollywood headliners on a journey across country together; an adventure that would ultimately end with... show more
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