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Recommended Fantasy Movies

Good Fantasy Movies (2005-10): Cell, Book & Grendel
Although box office figures heading into the decade’s midway point were discouraging at best (Exhibitor Relations calculated a 5.2% decline in moviegoer spending from 2004), the... show more
Good Fantasy Movies (2000-05): The Lord of the Strings
As the year 2000 loomed, it wasn’t the ongoing military and political conflicts that seemed to strike fear into the hearts of average citizens. Boris Yeltsin’s... show more
Good Fantasy Movies (1995-00): The Sprite Stuff
Welcoming the middle of the ‘90s with perhaps the most media attention of any current event (despite the Russian attack on Chechnya, the $20 billion aid... show more
Good Fantasy Movies (1990-95): The Remains of the Clay
Just as the Cold War came to an end and East and West Germany were again united, other armed conflicts stepped in to take these peaceful... show more
Good Fantasy Movies (1985-90): Beyond the Rally of the Dolls
The late 80s continued to boom for the film industry, largely due to the burgeoning successes of blockbusters and partly because of the growing accessibility of... show more
Good Fantasy Movies (1980-85): Fame of Thrones
There’s something inherently fantasy-oriented in the succession and crowning of royalty (no matter how modern) - a subject that would feature prominently in Sweden in 1980... show more
Good Fantasy Movies (1970-75): Silent Funning
As a stunning crossover between science-fiction and fantasy, Stanley Kubrick’s irrefutably important '2001: A Space Odyssey' certainly upped the ante on psychedelic, rarified interpretations of futurism... show more
Good Fantasy Movies (1965-70): The Lands of the Lost
“Mary Poppins’” debut in 1964 put an interesting spin on the fantasy genre leading into the latter half of the decade. Although it was predominantly a... show more
Good Fantasy Movies (1960-65): Tom, Dick & Harryhausen
Fantasy stories in the early 1960s embraced the notion of unexplored bodies of water pouring out into vast, unknown expanses of equally undiscovered lands, particularly with... show more
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