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Recommended Drama Movies

Good Drama Movies (2010-15): Getting Darker
It all got a bit dismal post-recession, with moviemakers utilizing the pervading atmosphere of gloom as a cue to unashamedly explore their darker emotions on film.... show more
Good Drama Movies (2005-10): It’s Complicated…
From tricky relationships to complicated crimes, filmmakers of the late noughties enjoyed tying their characters in emotional knots.... show more
Good Drama Movies (2000-05): Affairs of the Heart
The new millennium brought with it new flush of hope, with the whole world looking forward to a twenty-first century techno-utopia, in which the Internet would... show more
Good Drama Movies (1975-1980): In It Together
Following the creative splurges of the 1960s and the guilty introspection of the early 70s, cinema began to diverge into the situation we have today –... show more
Good Drama Movies (1965-70): Now We’re Swinging
So came the ‘60s to blow away the fug of post-war economic and social austerity. By 1965, the shape for the late 20th century arts and... show more
Good Drama Movies (1970-75): What Were We Thinking?
Perhaps Danny summed it up best in ‘Withnail and I’: “They're selling hippie wigs in Woolworths, man. The greatest decade in the history of mankind is... show more
Good Drama Movies (1980-85): Crimes & Misdemeanours
The eighties was a decade which provided many commercial successes and created several franchises, but not every 1980s movie aimed to be a blockbuster. I’m completing... show more
Good Drama Movies (1960-65): New Waves, Timeless Emotions
As the golden age of the Hollywood melodrama began to fade, so dawned an era of modernist motion pictures with a more nuanced approach to the... show more
Good Drama Movies 1985-90: Time for Something Wild
A popular perception is that the 1980’s were swamped with popcorn pictures - lightweight movies made for children and teenagers. I’m taking a look at the... show more
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