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Recommended Disaster Movies

Good Disaster Movies (1970-75): On Land, At Sea And in The Air
Writers nostalgically describe the seventies as the Golden Age of disaster movies. In reality, that was pushing it.... show more
Good Disaster Movies (1965-70): Cracked Planets & Little Green Diaphonoids
By the latter half of the sixties, when it came to large-scale disasters, as hard as it would try, television could simply not compete. Despite the... show more
Good Disaster Movies (1960-65): Worlds under Fire
It would not be until the seventies when a distinct formula for the disaster movie emerged. However, long before the good ship Poseidon flipped, the film... show more
Good Disaster Movies (2010-15): Winds, Waves & Fires, Oh My!
After almost forty years of trying to reclaim the momentum of its heyday and never quite getting there, by the time 2010 rolled around, the Hollywood... show more
Good Disaster Movies (2005-10): Everything Is Sinking
The quality and style of the Hollywood Disaster Movie changed considerably over the decades. The studios were aware that audiences would always have a desire to... show more
Good Disaster Movies (2000-05): Fingers on the Button
For Hollywood, the new millennium couldn’t have come fast enough. Most industry insiders agree that when you talk of the worst movie decade in history, the... show more
Good Disaster Movies (1995–00): A Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall
Clearly, by the latter years of the nineties, when it came to disaster movies, Hollywood was in a quandary. The first half of the decade proved... show more
Good Disaster Movies (1990-95): Is That a Crack in the Plane’s Ceiling?
After an admitted slump in both the style and the limited choices of disaster films in the eighties, things began to turn around in the nineties.... show more
Good Disaster Movies (1985-90): Wild Winds & Killer Zombie Birds
When it comes to the disaster movie genre, the eighties are considered a bridge between the seventies heyday and a nineties re-emergence. Those huge, high-budget, high-profile... show more
Good Disaster Movies (1980-85): When Planes, Caves and Automobiles Came A-Crashing
Ever wondered what the movie industry considers to be the first official disaster film? It was a silent, black and white short from 1901 of a... show more
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