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Recommended Crime Movies

Good Crime Movies (2005-10): The Evil That Men Do
The mid-noughties were a dark time, consumed by war, natural disaster, financial collapse and worldwide malaise. Good crime films like ‘A History of Violence’, ‘Before The... show more
Good Crime Movies (2000-05): Dark Crimes for Dark Times
Despite the proliferation of big-budgeted CGI filmmaking marketed to teenagers, the early 00’s boasted a wide range of gritty, adult crime films, including ‘Stander’, ‘Wonderland’ and... show more
Good Crime Movies (1995-00): Failed Schemes & Broken Dreams
Crime cinema in the mid-90’s was superlative thanks to critical and commercial hits like ‘Se7en’, ‘Fargo’ and ‘L.A. Confidential’. But let’s explore some underrated gems of... show more
Good Crime Movies (1990-95): Antiheroes in Action
The 1990’s were a hallmark for independent cinema - an era fascinated by tabloid tales of serial killers and celebrity murder trials. These worlds dovetailed in... show more
Good Crime Movies (1985-90): The Dark Side of the American Dream
America was caught in the middle of ‘War on Drugs’, Wall Street greed and frighteningly high violent crime statistics in the 80’s. The cinema of the... show more
Good Crime Movies (1980-85): A Most Violent Era
The 1980’s saw a drastic rise of violent crime in America, and the cinema of the time reflected the nation’s fascination and fears in films like... show more
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