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Recommended Christmas Movies

Good Christmas Movies (1980-90): Dreams of Falling Snow and Flying Reindeers
The eighties was the decade when Hollywood’s attitude to the Christmas movie changed. It didn’t necessarily change its output or the way films were distributed,... show more
Good Christmas Movies (2000-10): Good or Bad Santa?
Look at the broad yuletide spectrum of Hollywood and big screen Christmas movies and you’ll see a pattern. A handful of classics from the forties... show more
Good Christmas Movies (1990-00): Fruit, Nuts & a Good Date
The landscape for Christmas movies looked completely different in the nineties than all previous decades. This had everything to do with Bob Clark’s 1983 comedy... show more
Good Christmas Movies (1970-80): Bleak Midwinter’s
The 70’s were odd. There was disco, John Travolta, and three Swedes plus one Norwegian who beat Olivia Newton John at the Eurovision Song Contest... show more
Good Christmas Movies (1960-70): Pulling Out Some Crackers
Trying to find a big screen Christmas movie released in the sixties isn’t as easy as you might think. For one thing, there aren’t that... show more
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