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Recommended Anime Movies

Good Anime Movies (1975–80): A Transitional Decade
The 70s is widely regarded as a transitional rather than landmark decade for anime, sandwiched between the initial boom in the 60s and the explosion of... show more
Good Anime Movies (1970–75): The Swing of the Pendulum
If anime was a band and the 1970s was music, then this decade would be that difficult second album following a landmark debut. The pendulum of... show more
Good Anime Movies (1965-70): Lions, Witches & Cats in Boots
Thanks to the creation of pop cultural sensations such as Astro Boy, the 1960s was a period in which television grabbed hold of the anime industry... show more
Good Anime Movies (1960–65): From Flying Monkeys to Boys in Rockets
Sparkly eyes, crazy hair, supermassive robots, magical ninjas, friendly witches, collectible monsters… What else could encompass all of this but anime? From its humble monochrome origins... show more
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