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Recommended Adventure Movies

Good Adventure Movies (2010-15): Diamonds In The Rough
Adventure films come in all shapes and sizes. From the half-decade of 2010-2015, you can bet that there were lots of great films coming out in... show more
Good Adventure Movies (1975-80): Turning from the Past
The adventure genre had been set in the wide open plains of the Western, the hidden jungles of the creature feature and the strange worlds of... show more
Good Adventure Movies (1970-75): Adventure Goes Indie
When Hollywood started to lose its way in the 1970s due to the onslaught of TV and cable, it opened the doors for even more voices... show more
Good Adventure Movies (2000-05): Seeking Adventure!
Adventure films are a dime a dozen. But every once in a while, the universe gets it right and gives us adventure tales so bright, fun,... show more
Good Adventure Movies (1965-70): A World of New Voices
Until the 1960s, adventure films had occupied a narrow band of style for many years. They started as early era disaster movies that used thrilling new... show more
Good Adventure Movies (1995-00): Sharing the Journey
The best adventure films are the ones that give us a sense of fulfillment. Over our lifetimes, there’s no doubt that we’ve been on many adventures... show more
Good Adventure Movies (1960-65): When the Technology Caught up with the Idea
In an age when the adventure genre was larger than life, Hollywood studios developed and perfected many of the technologies that would become synonymous with other... show more
Good Adventure Movies (1990-95): Epic Vistas
Adventure films run the gamut from the fantastical to the dramatic, and the 1990’s were chock full of many adventure movies, some of which happen to... show more
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