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Female Filmmakers

4 Female Children’s Movies Directors: Enchanting Little Minds
It’s not easy to direct movies that the little ones love and can identify with. These female directors, including Vicky Jenson and Penelope Spheeris, bring out... show more
4 Female British Documentary Directors: Smart & Enlightening
These female British documentary directors combine their creative filmmaking skills with journalistic curiosity to uncover hidden worlds and reveal them to us in the most expressive... show more
5 Female Thriller Directors: Vixens behind the Camera
We take a look at our talented female thriller directors, from the Academy award-winning Kathryn Bigelow with her ability to create epic, but personal political thrillers... show more
5 British Female Black Comedy Directors: Intelligent Humour
A quintessentially English genre, British female directors have an inbuilt celebration of black comedy (or ‘gallows humour’). From the new and compelling offerings by Suzie Halewood... show more
5 British Female Drama Directors: Outstanding Talents
It’s great to know that British female drama directors are among the most prominent film directors. Many of their movies have become timeless classics and international... show more
3 Iranian Female Political Film Directors: Rich, Illustrious History
This article is going to hone in on Iranian female political film directors. Samira Makhmalbaf, Rakhshan Bani-E'temad and Manijeh Hekmat arre women who are creating... show more
5 Recommended Female Comedy Directors: Fresh & Hilarious
Women are funny. This is not profound information as awesome female comedians and funny actresses are winning audiences and the media over every day. Less talked... show more
5 Great French Female Comedy Directors: Sophisticated Fun
The Festival de Films de Femmes is the only significant event for women film directors. It’s held outside Paris in Creteil and screens 130 films each... show more
5 Strong American Female Drama Directors: Life Is a Battlefield
In continuing the theme of female movie directors, here is a great selection of the best American female drama directors who have and continue to make... show more
5 Great Danish Female Drama Directors: Tests of Mind & Body
We all love a great movie but do we ever give much thought to the people driving the stories, delivering them to the big screen? Women... show more
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