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Review of ‘Spice’ (Scarlet Smith, 2015)
Scarlet Smith explores the increasingly popular theme of ‘kink’, but from the perspective of an established couple trying a few things out. Many erotic and romance... show more
Stonemouth vs Black Swan Green: British Bildungsromans
Growing up is never easy to do. Reading about others undergoing the same stresses and struggles – especially in the same cultural background – can alleviate... show more
The Luminaries vs The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet
There’s something irresistibly romantic about tales of strangers in a strange land, especially when strange goings-on occur amid a maelstrom of strange characters. The Luminaries vs... show more
Brave New World vs Oryx and Crake: Disturbing Dystopias
Brave New World is a wry look at an ostensibly Utopian society where all ills have apparently been eliminated; distracting, abstract and ultimately destructive elements such... show more
Kafka on the Shore vs number9dream – Off-the-Wall Oriental Bildungsromans
Haruki Murakami is a revered Japanese author whose work is much influenced by the Western media he was exposed to in his youth. David Mitchell is... show more
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Review
My oldest was only 3 when the novel first bowed to much acclaim, but she really got into the book when she hit about 7. The... show more
Review of Never Let Me Go – The Book, Bildungsroman & Ballad
The days of the straightforward Bildungsroman are over. Charles Dickens pretty much exhausted the subject completely with his comprehensive telling and re-telling of the childhoods, adolescences... show more
The Help: Kathryn Stockett. A Book Review.
The Help: The Plot Set in 1960’s Mississippi, this book begins with the central character, Skeeter, returning home after graduating to discover that Constantine, her beloved... show more
A Review of the Book Quiet by Susan Cain
I, too, have often considered myself among the introverted; it’s only because of prior employment as a reporter that I have been forced to get out... show more
Book Review of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1967)
The Book Review for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Charlie Bucket is a young boy who lives with his parents and both sets of grandparents in... show more
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