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      • What is itcher?
      • Do I need to have a profile on itcher to check out titles?
      • Do you have a tutorial that can walk me through the app?
      • Can I import my lists and ratings from IMDb?
      • I want to use itcher on my Google Home/Assistant or Alexa-enabled device. How can I join/log-in?
      • I’ve searched for a specific title, artist or game but I can’t find it, what can I do?
      • How can I change my password or my email address?
      • Can I enable/disable the push notifications on my mobile?
      • How do I delete my account?
      • I am having trouble using the app. How can I report a problem?
      • I have ideas on how to improve the platform. How can I send my feedback?
      • Can I get my product or title to appear on itcher?
      • Have a different question about itcher?