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The Ultimate Sex And The City Special: Reliving Your Fave Moments

Roxanne_Sancto_itcher_contributorFrom 1998 to 2004 fashionable ladies everywhere planned their days around the airing of new episodes of Sex and the City – the show all men hated and all women adored.

Let’s take a walk through the streets of New York city and remember some of the shows best features! ~ Roxanne Sancto

  • The sexiest moments
  • The best break-ups
  • The best characters
  • The best fashion moments 
  • The best songs
  • Great SATC quotes

So why is that women are so drawn to this show?

The answer is easy: This show depicts relationship scenarios we can all relate to, it has a strong focus on fashion and trends Carrie Bradshaw’s musings happen to be spot on. What’s not to like?

Let’s take a look at what made this show such a great success!

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The Sexiest `Sex and the City´ Moments

The title of the show pretty much says it all: this series concentrates on all things sex and relationships in the city of New York. We all have our best Sex and the City sex episode.

Whether the focus is on the overly-sexual Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) or sweet and innocent Charlotte York (Kristin Davis), each episode guarantees to get nice and steamy.

Here is a list of some of the sexiest Sex and the City episodes!

`Secret Sex´ – Season 1, Episode 6

'Secret Sex´ – Season 1, Episode 6

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Carrie and Mr. Big (Chris Noth) finally go on their first date. He takes her to a Chinese restaurant that seems to be full of “unofficial” couples.

In other words, Carrie suspects this is a restaurant men take women to, when they are not yet ready to present their dates as “official” girlfriends.

Carries suspicious first date

She promises herself not to sleep with him on the first date, but should have known the ideal wouldn’t stand a chance as soon as she slipped into her infamous “naked” dress. Needless to say they end up sleeping together right after dinner.

`Valle of Twenty-Something Guys´ – Season 1, Episode 4

Valle of Twenty-Something Guys´ – Season 1, Episode 4

Images source: eonline

Carrie and Mr. Big keep bumping into each other randomly and finally decide to make an actual plan. When she meets him for a “drink thing”, she is pissed off to find they are not alone. One of Mr. Big’s miserable friends is there too.

Carrie and Twenty-something Sam

She ditches him in style, then moves on to a dingy bar full of twenty-something guys, including the charming Sam (Timothy Olyphant), who entices Carrie with his tongue piercing. She enjoys the care-free spontaneity of twenty-something Sam.

After a few days spent marathon-making-out, she wakes up in Sam’s apartment, which seemingly shatters her sexy idea of the twenty-something lifestyle. However, their flirtations and kissing made for some of the hottest Sex and the City moments!

`All or Nothing´– Season 2, Episode 10


Images source: bonobology

Carrie couldn’t have asked for a better boyfriend. Aidan (John Corbett) is sweet, kind, sexy and absolutely besotted with Carrie. She is crazy about him and yet, when Mr. Big comes back into the picture and tempts her with empty words, she can’t resist.

The Big Temptation

They meet in hotels for intense sex sessions, but the guilt slowly takes a toll on Carrie. While Carrie is keeping her affair from her friends, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) engages in phone-sex with a co-worker in Chicago.

`What Goes Around Comes Around´– Season 3, Episode 17


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Charlotte is frustrated by her marriage to Trey (Kyle MacLachlan) who can’t seem to sexually satisfy her. On a visit to Trey’s parents’ estate, Charlotte finds herself lusting over the ripped gardener.

He follows her into her dreams and she awakes having an orgasm.

Orgasmic Awakenings

Meanwhile Miranda is dating an extremely good looking NYPD detective. When they are out on a date she notices all the women staring at him and is sure they are wondering, What the hell is he doing with her?, making her feel very self-conscious.

`What’s Sex Got To Do With It?´– Season 4, Episode 4


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Carrie starts dating the passionate jazzman Ray (Craig Bierko), who is just as excited about “playing” her as he is about playing his instruments. He’s easy-going, good-looking and full of childish energy.

Sex & Jazz = A playful mixture

He pays very special attention to Carrie who is on a complete high thanks to the amazing sex. What’s Sex Got to Do With It, counts as one of the hottest Sex and the City episodes of all time!

The Best `Sex and the City´ BreakUp Episodes

Throughout the years, we actually started caring about Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.

We were excited for them whenever they found love, felt sorry for them whenever they got dumped and celebrated with them whenever they accomplished new things in love as well as life.

Shitty break-up methods

Needless to say, we found ourselves just as enraged by shitty break-up methods and asshole moves. Here are some of the lowest Sex and the City breakup scenes -and the best Sex and the City breakup quotes that really made our blood boil!

`Change of a Dress´ – Season 4, Episode 15


Images source: ew

Aidan and Carrie finally find back together, despite the affair that initially pulled them apart. When she finds out that he is about to propose, her reaction is worrisome. Upon finding the ring she vomits. Later while trying on wedding dresses, she breaks out in a rash.

In vomit and in health

Aidan who bought the apartment next door to Carries and is in the process of breaking down the wall in order to create a beautiful home for them, tries to comfort Carrie but it soon becomes clear that they have different ideas of what they want. Aidan moves out.

`The Post-It Always Sticks Twice´– Season 6, Episode 7

Season 6, Episode 7

Images source: thecollegecrush

One of the best Sex and the City break-up scenes and one of the best Sex and the City break-up quotes is definitely in The Post-It Always Sticks Twice.

I’m sure it was just as painful as any break-up for Carrie, but to the audience it ended up pretty funny.

Sorry, I can’t, don’t hate me

Carrie wakes up to find that Berger (Jack Livingston) has dumped her via a Post-It note reading Sorry, I can’t, don’t hate me.

In an attempt to cheer her up, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha take her out to a hip new club, where she ends up running into Berger’s friends and looses her cool.

`One´– Season 6, Episode 12


Images source: sitcomsonline

Miranda has been dating the attractive doctor Robert (Blair Underwood) for a while and things are going good. When he leaves her a giant cookie spelling out “I Love You” with chocolate chips, Miranda panics and eats the whole thing.

Chocolate-Chip-Cookie Love

By eating the cookie, she figures she does not have to deal with the fact that Robert is in love with her, while she’s secretly still pining over Steve (David Eigenberg).

Their parting ways counts as one of the best Sex and the City break-up episodes.

Who is the Best `Sex and the City´ Character?

Sex and the city characters

Images source: huffingtonpost

A lot of great characters come and go on this show. When it comes to the regular characters, my favourites are clear: Carrie Bradshaw and Miranda Hobbes.

Carrie Bradshaw is cute and neurotic in her own little way. She’s independent and above most of the pressures pinned on women these days, yet secretly she longs for the same thing her friend Charlotte does: Love.

Cute and neurotic Carrie

While she likes to dress the part of the sophisticated, fashionista woman, she’s quite immature in terms of her lifestyle. She uses her oven as a storage room and will rather spend a crazy amount on shoes than save cash for a rainy day.

Miranda the cynic

Miranda is a cynical lawyer and with her, what you see is what you get. She does not shy away from speaking her mind and is irritated by women who let their lives be ruled by men.

But just as any other show, Sex and the City also has characters that can really do your head in.

Most Annoying `Sex and the City´ Character

09 Charlotte

Images source: wikipedia

I know she means well, and most probably has her upbringing to thank for her desperation where marriage and children are concerned, but Charlotte really managed to annoy the hell out of me at times.

Her need to become the next Martha Stewart is rather sad

Her naivety can be forgiven, but her constant whining and complaining and her obsessive need to become the next Martha Stewart is rather sad.

She’s beautiful and smart, and it pains me to see a woman like that giving in to societies expectations.

Charlotte’s character is getting me a bit angry again, so lets move on to something more juicy….

Who is the Hottest `Sex and the City´ Character?

Samantha Jones

Images source: wikipedia

If you’d ask any of the few men who enjoyed this show, they’ll probably tell you that Samantha Jones was the hottest character. Why? Well, do you really have to ask? She is sexually free and has no problem f*cking like a man.

When it comes to the hottest male characters on Sex and the City however, we have quite a few to choose from.

The tall, suit-wearing and cigar smoking Mr. Big sure knew how to make a lady’s heart beat stronger. Carrie was definitely not the only one!

The tall, suit-wearing and cigar smoking Mr. Big

Some may not understand what on earth made Miranda dump the deliciously yummy looking Robert for Steve, but I see it. Steve may not be hot per se, but he’s a great guy, he’s cute and would do anything for Miranda, so that alone makes him hot!

The Best `Sex and the City´ Fashion Moments 

sex and the city carrie fashions

Images source: theguardian

The SATC ladies may have been as different as day in night, but they all shared one major thing in common: They were all trend-setters in their own right.

Some of their get-ups were stunningly beautiful; some of them were simply outrageous.

While Miranda seemed quite taken by the retro, 80’s look, Samantha liked to shock with skimpy skirts and low-cut dresses. The most “normal” in terms of fashion was probably Charlotte, who sported a preppy, and 50’s feminine style.

Skimpy skirts and low-cut dresses

Some of the best Sex and the City fashion was presented by Carrie. Women world wide drooled over her shoe collection and envied the contents of her closet.

Two of the best fashion episodes of Sex and the City are season one’s The Real Me and season six’ American Girl in Paris Part Two.

In The Real Me, Carrie is asked to participate in a high-profile celebrity fashion show. She is reluctant at first but when she goes for her first fitting, she falls in love with the Dolce dress that was picked out for her.

Sparkly panties and a blazer

On the day of the actual show, she is shocked to find she is meant to strut over the catwalk wearing nothing but sparkly panties and a blazer. She’s absolutely horrified and to make matters worse, she trips half way through the show.

More of the best Sex and the City fashion can be seen in the final episode, American Girl in Paris Part Two. Dressed in an absolutely amazing ball gown, complete with various layers of tulle and a sparkly corset, Carrie sits waiting for Aleksandr (Mikhail Baryshnikov).

Various layers of tulle and a sparkly corset

When he finally arrives they get in an argument and he ends up slapping her in the face. Appalled she runs off only to run in to the love of her life, Mr. Big.

The Best `Sex and the City´ Songs

We all have certain songs that make us think back to the important moments in our lives. The same counts for Carrie Bradshaw. Here are some of the most important songs from Sex and the City episodes!

`Got to be Real´ by Cheryl Lynn

carrie at the fashion show

Images source: fashiontalk2day

After Carrie’s embarrassing performance at a high-profile celebrity fashion show, she is back in the safety of her own apartment. As she puts away her sparkly panties, she has another go at the catwalk-strut and the customary head-turn and hip- slant to the tunes of Cheryl Lynn’s Got to be real.

`Moon River´ by Henry Mancini

When it comes to songs on Sex and the City episodes, Moon River by Henry Mancini, marks an important occasion. This is the song Carrie and Mr. Big listen to on Big’s last night in New York.

Carrie, unaware that Big is leaving New York for Napa, shows up at his house late one night to share pizza. She is saddened to find all his belongings packed up and ready to go. The only thing not packed yet is his record player and the Moon River vinyl.

The last dance

Instead of pizza they share one last dance. When Carrie comes to send him off the next day, she finds his apartment completely empty. He did however leave her the vinyl and an open ticket to Napa.

`You’ve Got the Love´ by Candi Station

We will always remember this song as the one that marked the end of an era: The end of Sex and the City.

After a disappointing stint in Paris with “the Russian”, Carrie returns to her beloved New York. She is walking down the street en route to meet “the girls”, when Mr. Big – now officially introduced as John – calls her to confirm his move back to NY.

Carrie returns to her beloved New York

The audience gets a glimpse into the individual lives of Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte and ends with them all back together at their favourite diner, catching up to the tune of You’ve Got the Love. Aaaaahw!!

The all Time Best `Sex and the City´ Quotes

It’s been years since the final episode aired but luckily we have been left with a lot of memorable SATC quotes. Samantha Jones was always there to provide snappy, reality checks -and a handful of pretty dirty Sex and the City quotes! and Miranda had us nodding in agreement with her new discoveries about men. 

Some of the most epic Sex and the City quotes most definitely came from Carrie Bradshaw. Here are five of my favourites:

“I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet.”

“Ooh, hear that? It’s midnight, the official end to what will now be known as the day I got arrested for smokin’ a doobie.”

“I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it.”

“I will not be the first one to speak. And if he never calls me again, I’ll always think of him fondly, as an asshole.”

“I’m looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.”

If you want more good SATC quotes, you may want to turn to Samantha. Here’s one of my favourite quotes by her:

“Easy? You men have no idea what we’re dealing with. Teeth placement and jaw stress and suction and gag reflex. And all the while bobbing up and down, moaning, trying to breathe through our noses. Easy? Honey, they don’t call it a job for nothing.”

There’s always the Movies

Sex and the City 2 (2010)

Images source: amazon

The end of Sex and the City left a huge void in our TV schedules and we have yet to find a show as humorous, sexy, fashion conscious and witty to take its place.

If you’re getting bored of watching re-runs however, you can always turn to the movies: Sex and the City (2008) and Sex and the City 2 (2010). I quite liked the first one, but the second one was waaaay too over the top – even for SATC!

I hope I have inspired you with this SATC special, to revisit all of your favourite episodes, moments, quotes and fashion choices. Let me know if you discovered new favourites below!

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