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5 Movies Like A Star is Born
Looking for more movies like A Star is Born? Itcher has a few recommendations that you should check out – this is 5 Movies Lke A... show more
5 Movies Like American Animals
American Animals (Bart Layton, 2018) is based on the true story of a library heist by four students – if you’re looking for more quirky crime capers,... show more
5 Movies Like The Happytime Murders
Melissa McCarthy is back and this time, she’s teaming up with a puppet in the raunchy, absolutely-not-family-friendly adult comedy The Happytime Murders. If you’re looking for... show more
5 Movies Like First Reformed: Studies in Faith and Character
Ethan Hawke stars as a troubled priest in Paul Schrader’s First Reformed. Cinema is full of great studies in faith and character, and these are just... show more
5 Movies Like Ocean’s 8: Great Female Ensembles
Itcher celebrates the release of Ocean’s 8 by taking a look at a handful of other memorable female ensemble movies over the years. After all, it’s... show more
5 Movies Like Unsane
Unsane is coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray to bring some discomfort into the comfort of your home. This Steven Soderbergh psychological horror stars Claire Foy... show more
Halloween and Other Great Movies Turning 40
A new Halloween movie is coming out this year – a direct sequel to the 1978 original that ignores all the other movies, adding yet another... show more
5 Movies Like Hereditary: Classic Horror Masterpieces
Hailed as a modern horror classic, Hereditary is out now in most cinemas. If you’ve seen it and you’re dying to be even more traumatised –... show more
6 Movies Like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Sequels Decades in the Making
Jurassic World came out 14 years after Jurassic Park III and its sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, is out now in most international market. As such,... show more
4 Movies Like Hotel Artemis
Hotel Artemis looks like a fairly unique sci-fi crime film with a pretty great cast – a secret hotel/hospital for criminals in the near future? You... show more
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