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5 Movies Like Suspiria (2018)
If arthouse horror is your thing, then surely you’ve all over the Suspiria remake – and if you want more like it, these movie recommendations are... show more
5 Great Horror Movies For Halloween 2018
As Halloween nears, we decided to put together a short list of great horror movies that everyone should see at least once – and even if... show more
5 Great Horror Games for Halloween 2018
Halloween will soon be upon us – what better time to scare yourself silly by playing some great horror games? If you’re looking for recommendations, Itcher... show more
5 Movies Like The Nun
Very few things are as scary as nuns, but after a lot of digging and soul searching, we think we found a few movies that you’ll... show more
5 Movies Like Slender Man – Supernatural Stalkers
Slender Man, the creepypasta supernatural stalker, is making his big screen debut. If you enjoyed his feature film appearance, you might also like a few other... show more
5 Movies Like Unfriended: Dark Web – Internet Horror
The sequel to Unfriended will soon unleash the horrors of the dark web on cinema audiences – but that’s far from the first time that the... show more
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