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5 Shows like You, Me and the Apocalypse: It’s All over Now

Roxanne_Sancto_itcher_contributorWe all seem to be fascinated with the concept of the imminent apocalypse – whether it be brought on by zombies or a natural disaster doesn’t really matter anymore, ‘cause we’re so ready! Shows like ‘You, Me and the Apocalypse’ have prepared us for things to come. You might also learn a few valuable lessons from ‘The Last Man on Earth’ and ‘The Tribe’. ~ Roxanne Sancto

It’s very British chaos, isn’t it? Everyone’s queuing…

…well, at least at first, yes. But as soon as it becomes clear that the world cannot be saved from the comet that’s heading straight towards Earth, un-British chaos erupts. People take to the streets dancing, looting, and dressed in costumes more daring than the fashionable onesies.

People from all around the world fly into a panic: Jamie (Mathew Bayton) realizes this is his final chance to find his wife Layla (Karla Crome), who went missing on their honeymoon some seven years prior; at the Vatican, Father Jude (Rob Lowe) questions his faith; Rhonda (Jenna Fischer) pleads guilty to a charge she did not commit, in order to save her son, Spike (Fabian McCallum).

It’s the end of the world as they all know it and in a desperate attempt to make amends and rekindle estranged relationships, they all find themselves connected in one way or another. If you’re interested in learning more about what it’s like to live in an apocalyptic world, check out more TV shows like ‘ You, Me and the Apocalypse’ below.


Shows Similar to ‘You, Me and the Apocalypse’…

‘The Last Man on Earth’ (Fox, 2015- )

Phil (Will Forte) is a normal guy who likes “Star Wars, Twinkies and Sex”. The only thing unusual about him is that he seems to be ‘The Last Man on Earth’, following a deadly virus that wiped out the entire human population.

But Phil hasn’t given up hope. He travels through North American in his RV in search of fellow humans, not wanting to believe he is now the only person left on Earth. Disheartened, he returns home to Tucson.

The loneliness gets to him and he’s about to end it all when suddenly, an eccentric young woman shows up. Carol (Kristen Schaal) is sweet, caring and a tad annoying. She immediately pressures Phil into marrying her, so they can start repopulating the earth.

Phil unenthusiastically agrees, only to find that there is another, far more attractive lady named Melissa (January Jones) out there.

Similarity Match: 85%
In ‘You, Me and the Apocalypse’, we follow the population as it readies itself for the comet that will end the world, whereas ‘The Last Man on Earth’ follows a post-apocalyptic world. Both shows concentrate on the concerns people struggle with in light of such a disaster.

‘The Tribe’ (Channel 5, 1999- )

TV series like ‘You, Me and the Apocalypse’ introduced quite a few intriguing plot twists, but none that can quite compare to the post-apocalyptic world of ‘The Tribe’. A fatal virus seems to have targeted a very specific population: all adults were wiped out, leaving only children and teens behind.

With no adults to show them the ropes, the kids have to learn to fend for themselves and form different tribes. ‘The Tribe’ mainly focuses on the Mall Rats. Jack’s (Michael Wesley-Smith) father used to own the Phoenix Shopping Mall and instructs his son to seek shelter there before he dies.

Various children and teens from all walks of life join Jack’s Mall Rats tribe and their mission is simple: to create a peaceful world and avoid making the same mistakes the adults made. But it’s not always easy, seeing as they have to stand up against tribes like The Locos and The Technos, whose aim it is to wreak havoc.

Similarity Match: 80%
‘The Tribe’ concentrates on the aftermath of the apocalypse, instead of following the confusion and anxiety as the world readies itself for the end. Both shows highlight the moral conflicts that surface when faced with the apocalypse.

‘Jeremiah’ (Showtime, 2002-2004)

Following “The Big Death” 15 years prior, we are now in the year 2021, where Jeremiah (Luke Perry) is in search of the Valhalla Sector, a place in which he may find refuge. Along the way, he meets a fellow lone traveller, Kurdy (Malcolm Jamal Warner), and they continue their journey together.

They find their way to Thunder Mountain, the remains of a NORAD complex which is led by Markus Alexander (Peter Stebbings), who is in the process of creating a new world – one we are not too sure about.

When Kurdy and Jeremiah finally discover the Valhalla Sector, they realize the heavily armed bunker is made up of surviving US government and military leadership members who plan to take over the world with their military power and an authoritarian philosophy.

Similarity Match: 70%
Set in tragedy, ‘You, Me’ is essentially a comedy, whereas ‘Jeremiah’ takes the world’s demise very seriously. Both shows follow characters who struggle to survive in a world steeped in chaos.

‘12 Monkeys’ (Syfy, 2015- )

Based on Terry Gilliam’s 1995 film ‘12 Monkeys’, the series revisits time traveller James Cole’s (Aaron Stanford) journey into the present year, in an attempt to stop a virus with the power to completely wipe out the human population, from being released.

Having fully experienced the impact of the virus on the world, Cole travels from the year 2043 to the present day, determined to stop the worst disaster in human history. His mission isn’t entirely altruistic – in a sense, he hopes to make amends for past mistakes by saving the human race.

Cassandra (Amanda Schull) is an ambitious virologist who joins Cole on his journey. The pair is further assisted by Jennifer (Emily Hampshire), who may not necessarily be mentally sound, but offers a lot in terms of a genius, mathematical brain.

If you’re into series like ‘You, Me and the Apocalypse’ but prefer a bit more mystery and a chance to puzzle together the pieces of a big secret (think, X-Files), then ‘12 Monkeys’ is for you.

Similarity Match: 65%
TV series like ‘You, Me and the Apocalypse’ are humorous, whereas ‘12 Monkeys’ focuses on the serious and mysterious side of the apocalypse. Both shows have strong protagonists determined to finalize their respective missions.


If You Like ‘You, Me and the Apocalypse’, You Will Like…

In recent years, fans of series similar to ‘You, Me and the Apocalypse’ have become obsessed with the idea of a post-apocalyptic world. I wonder why? Is it because we’ve finally come to realize that we’re slowly but surely destroying the planet and are now hoping for a do-over? Maybe.

If you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to survive in a world without technology and resources we take for granted, check out ‘Revolution’.

‘Revolution’ (NBC, 2012-2014)

In 2012, we were all sitting around waiting for the Mayan calendar year to draw to a close and for the world to end. Suffice to say, this didn’t happen in our world, but it did in the world of ‘Revolution’, where in 2012, “The Blackout” disabled electricity permanently.

Miles Matheson (Billy Burke), his daughter Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), and wife Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell), are one of the surviving families. Several areas around the world are now ruled by militias – groups Miles helped train in a former life.

As the remaining population struggles to come to terms with the new way of life, Miles drowns his guilt in alcohol. He feels responsible for the violence inflicted on civilians by the militia he once trained. But Miles is in possession of a pendant that may change everything… but does he have it in him?

‘Revolution’ follows the aftermath of a technological meltdown, whereas ‘You, Me and the Apocalypse’ concentrates on the chaos that ensues following the announcement of an apocalypse. Both shows manifest feelings of hopelessness and fear.


This Is the End

So, now that you’ve learned what it’s all about in these enthralling Sci-Fi series, are you sure you’re ready for the apocalypse?

I suggest you watch every show on this list to be sure.

And once you’ve done so, get back to us and let us know which post-apocalyptic team you’ll be joining to ensure your survival!

My name is Roxanne Sancto and I’ll be writing all things music, book and movie related for itcher mag. I also write for New Heroes & Pioneers’ upcoming Festival and Culture magazines, to be launched in the spring of 2014. I am the co-author of The Pink Boots and am currently working on two new novels. I love music, literature, cinema, crafting, yoga and animals.
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