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5 Shows like White Collar: Good Cop, Bad Cop

Who would have thought that a thieving white collar worker would team up together with the FBI, in order to fight crime? This is the scenario that Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke find themselves in, as Neal does whatever he can to avoid losing his freedom. If you are looking for more TV shows like White Collar, Castle sees another unlikely crime partnership form, in the shape of a detective and a crime novelist.

Smooth Criminal

Con artist Neal Caffrey and FBI agent Peter Burke team up together to solve white collar crime in New York. Fraudster Caffrey has no choice but to help Burke, with the only other option being a long jail sentence. On the condition that he wears an ankle monitor, Caffrey uses his expert skills to solve high profile crimes. Together the two form the unlikeliest of crime solving duos.

The relationship between the pair is strained at times, but they soon find a way to get the most out of one and other. Caffrey and Burke may not be in the top 10 crime fighting partnerships, but they can certainly crack a case or two.

‘The Blacklist’ (Universal, 2013-)

Intelligent businessman Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington, has been on the FBI’s most wanted list for over 20 years, but now it is time for a change. On her first day in her role as an FBI profiler, Elizabeth Keen finds herself doing a deal with Red, when he hands himself in.

In return for his freedom, Red agrees to work with the FBI to close in on hundreds of criminals, who are far more dangerous than Reddington. Red is a similar character Hannibal Lecter, so be prepared to be slightly spooked!

Similarity Match: 95%
The central theme of The Blacklist is practically the same as White Collar, but its central character, Red, is a much darker character, with almost psychopathic tendencies as opposed to likeable Neal Caffrey.

‘Suits’ (Hypnotic Productions, 2011-)

Mike Young is a college dropout with plenty of potential but little motivation to succeed. Young soon finds himself on the wrong side of the law and is at risk of falling deeper into trouble.

When his latest drug deal goes wrong, Young finds himself being rescued by legal hotshot, Harvey Specter, who goes on to give Young a job. Specter takes a risk in hiring the very clever Young, impressed by his eye for detail and killer memory.

Check out this article for more shows like ‘Suits’.

Similarity Match: 90%
Swap the FBI for a law firm and you pretty much have the same TV show, with the central characters forging unusual partnerships for the greater good.

‘Chuck’ (College Hill Productions Inc, 2007-2012)

Another series like White Collar is Chuck. Computer nerd Chuck inadvertently becomes a top secret agent, who the CIA and NSA call upon for support. Chuck stumbles upon top secret government files that become embedded in his brain, therefore he cannot rid himself of what he has seen.

Chuck must act as a spy, whilst disguising his new position from his friends and family, which is not always that easy. Despite the heavy premise of the show, there are lots of laughs as we see Chuck deal with cases in the most unorthodox manner.

Similarity Match: 85%
Chuck follows a similar concept to White Collar, but it does not take itself as seriously. Expect lots of tongue in cheek humour, as Chuck gets deeper and deeper into a lifestyle that he can’t quite come to terms with.

‘The Mentalist’ (Warner Brothers, 2008-2015)

Serial killer ‘Red John’ is on the run from the CBI, after murdering the wife and daughter of psychic Patrick Jane. Jane is devastated by the deaths and soon after he outs himself as a fake, in order to dedicate his time to finding his wife and daughter’s killer.

CBI’s senior agent, Teresa Lisbon, invites Jane to be a consultant on the investigation, due to his exceptional mentalist tricks acquired during his psychic career.

Similarity Match: 80%
Patrick Jane is just like Neal Caffrey, unconventional, clever and extremely determined. Writers of both shows have created likeable characters and plot lines that are both unbelievable and engaging.

‘Castle’ (Beacon Picture, 2009-)

Richard Castle, known as Rick, is a mystery novelist who suddenly finds himself in the centre of a crime drama, after a serial killer starts to mimic a character in one of his books. Rick kills off the character in the book and sets out to help the police track down the real life killer.

Rick is amazed to see just how helpful following the police is for his writing, so asks to shadow NYPD detective Kate Beckett.

Similarity Match: 75%
Rick Castle likes to stay on the right side of the law, unlike con artist Neal Caffrey, but both link up with the police to form unlikely crime solving partnerships.


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