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5 Shows like Veggie Tales: Educational & Christian TV

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‘Veggie Tales’ is a Christian TV series featuring adorable anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables in biblical stories conveying moral themes.

Here are a handful of other TV shows like ‘Veggie Tales’. ~ Samar Nattagh

Shows Similar to ‘Veggie Tales’

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‘7th Heaven’ (The WB, 1996–2006: The CW, 2006–2007)

Another Christian TV series similar to ‘Veggie Tales’, the Camden family includes a minister father and stay-at-home mother raising seven children!

This one’s for an older crowd, but continues the theme of moral investigations to provide solutions to real-life problems.


Similarity Match

A minister and his wife and seven children deal with drama. 



‘The Magic Schoolbus’ (PBS, 1994-1997)

An educational programme by PBS, one grade school science teacher develops a unique way of teaching her students.

Ms. Frizzle takes her class on a field trip on the Magic School Bus. In one episode, the bus shrinks and goes into a bag of Cheezie Wheezies to examine Arnold’s digestive system. They experience turbulence as his stomach muscles begin to contract, and almost dissolve with the hydrochloric acid.


Similarity Match

The Magic School Bus can literally go anywhere. 



‘3-2-1 Penguins!’ (NBC, 2000-2008)

From the producers of ‘Veggie Tales’ comes this direct-to-video series about twins Jason and Michelle who spend the summer with their British Grandmum in Pennsylvania.

Grandmum’s most precious figurine is a model of four penguins in a rocket ship; Jason and Michelle go on adventures with the penguins where they learn about moral choices.


Similarity Match

Twins ride with penguins in a rocket ship. 



‘Wishbone’ (PBS, 1995-1999)

“The little dog with a big imagination” – each of Wishbone the Dog’s daydreams spark a theme for an episode that parallels a plot from a different literary work, giving new relevance to classic literature.

Wishbone is unbearably cute in his many outfits for roles, including a Renaissance-costumed ‘Romeo’ with a rose in his mouth, and ‘Robin Hood’ with a bow and arrow to boot.

My personal favourite is Wishbone’s role as Benedict Cumberdog, the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ character, where he dons a little tweed cape and a newsboy cap!


Similarity Match

Classic literature gets an update with this Jack Russell Terrier. 


If You Like ‘Veggie Tales’, You Will Like

‘Captain Noah and His Magical Ark’ (WPVI, 1967–1994)

A show that initially aired as a religious programme in 1967, this later became a children’s programme in 1970.

During the early 1970s, ‘Captain Noah and His Magical Ark’ actually gained a larger audience in the local Philadelphia region than ‘Sesame Street’ and ‘Captain Kangaroo’ combined.


Similarity Match

If you're looking for a Christian TV show, this is it. 


Let Us Know Your Thoughts

Here are my favourite TV series like ‘Veggie Tales’. Enjoy!

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