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5 Shows like Ultimate Fighter: Sporting Endeavours

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The ‘Ultimate Fighter’ is a hugely successful reality TV series in which up-and-coming MMA fighters live together in a Las Vegas mansion house as they compete in a tournament to win a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. When this first aired all the way back in 2005, it provided a massive boost to the UFC and helped bring the combat sport of MMA to the mainstream.

For other TV shows like ‘Ultimate Fighter’, make sure you check out the following recommendations. ~ Simon Hamilton

Shows Similar to ‘Ultimate Fighter’

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‘Fight Master’ (Spike TV, 2013)

When it comes to Mixed Martial Arts, the UFC isn’t the only show in town. Boasting a number of big-name fighters and backed by Viacom’s deep pockets, Bellator may not have the profile the UFC has achieved, but they’re still a quality MMA league.

In 2013, they followed in the UFC’s footsteps and created their own reality TV show called ‘Fight Master’.

The show comprises a 32-man welterweight tournament with former UFC stars Randy Couture and Frank Shamrock, and legendary trainers Greg Jackson and Joe Warren as coaches.

If you’re looking for TV series like ‘Ultimate Fighter’, forget about the fact that ‘Fight Master’ didn’t receive particularly great ratings – the concept is pretty much identical and whether it’s the UFC or Bellator, it’s MMA regardless!


Similarity Match

Bellator's solid attempt at their own reality TV show. 



‘The Contender’ (NBC & ESPN, 2005-2008)

If you’re a boxing fan and looking for a series similar to ‘Ultimate Fighter’, make sure you check out ‘The Contender’. The premise is basically the same: a bunch of guys living together as they compete in a tournament.

The actual bouts are rather heavily edited and unnecessarily stylised, but otherwise, this is a worthwhile show for all fans of combat sports.


Similarity Match

An obvious choice for fans of the 'Ultimate Fighter'. 



‘Lucha Underground’ (El Rey Netowk, 2014-ongoing)

A popular and highly-rated series amongst fans of pro-wrestling but relatively unknown outside of those circles, ‘Lucha Underground’ received a lot of credit for its storylines and the wrestling performances on display.

On February 2016, it was announced that a third season has been agreed, so it looks like ‘Lucha Underground’ will be around for some time to come.


Similarity Match

Compelling viewing for fans of pro-wrestling. 



‘WWE Raw’ (USA Network, 1993-ongoing)

‘WWE Raw’, also known as ‘Monday Night Raw’, is the WWE’s weekly flagship program.

Of course, this is more “sports entertainment” than true sport itself. But if you’re a fan of the WWE and all the amusement that pro-wrestling has to offer, it’s definitely worth a watch.


Similarity Match

Necessary viewing for all fans of pro-wrestling. 


If You Like ‘Ultimate Fighter’, You Will Like

‘Dana White: Lookin’ For a Fight’ (UFC, 2016-ongoing)

UFC President Dana White, together with his childhood friend Nick “The Tooth” Gallo and former UFC welterweight champ, Matt Serra, go on a tour America looking for up-and-coming talent to sign for their organisation. While not attending regional MMA events, they try everything from bull-riding to enduring Artic temperatures in Alaska.

Fans of the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ should absolutely ensure they take a look at this show for a behind-the-scenes look at Dana White’s recruitment process… and the various misadventures he gets up to along the way.


Similarity Match

Dana White and Co. seek new talent for the UFC in this entertaining show. 


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