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6 Shows like True Blood: Satisfy Your Bloodlust

Laura Light itcherSex, blood and rock ‘n’ roll; oh boy, the job of the modern day vampire must be so tiring… NOT! So for more supernatural beings, graphic violence and sexual chemistry check out ‘Being Human’, ‘Blood Ties’, and ‘Forever Knight’, all shows like ‘True Blood’. ~ Laura Light

The Vamps Are Back in Town

Vampires, werewolves, ghosts and the like, are all now modern staples on TV. There’s something sexy, forbidden, and outright cool about the supernatural. I mean, come on, there’s nothing steamier than the Buffy and Angel on/off relationship or the Elena, Stefan, Damon combo (thanks The Vampire Diaries’) that have showcased new twists and turns in the world of vampire mythology.

So if you’re looking for something new to sink your teeth into, then look no further than these next three shows, all TV series like ‘True Blood’. ARH-WOOOOO!


Shows Similar to ‘True Blood’…

‘Being Human’ (BBC Three, 2008 – 2013)

You rip her mortality away and then you try and patch it up with these scraps of human behavior! That is cruel, Mitchell! Why can’t you just let her be the thing you made her?

A ghost, a vampire and a werewolf walk into a… Oh okay, I’m sure you’ve heard it a hundred times and it sounds like the beginning of a really bad joke, but it really is the beginning to some of the best vamp TV you’ll probably ever see.

George the werewolf (Russell Tovey), Annie the ghost (Lenora Crichlow) and Mitchell the vampire (Aidan Turner) are roommates in an apartment in Bristol where they try to live a “normal” life. But they find that time after time life is more complex and hiding is just not possible.

Dealt with allegorically in the show are addictions, clinical behavioral problems and mental illness to name a few. Well-rounded characters and oddly familiar situations tinged with the supernatural keep us eager to walk the road with the series’ three protagonists. It’s ravenously good TV!

Similarity Match: 95%
Blood, sex and blue language are rife in both shows, but this is far more gritty and emotional then ‘True Blood.’

‘Blood Ties’ (City, 2007 – 2008)

You believe I’m a vampire but you don’t believe I had a father?

About a human private investigator Vicki Nelson (Christina Cox) as she solves crimes with 470-year-old vampire Henry Fitzroy (Kyle Schmid).

I liked the fact that Henry never apologized for his vampirism. In fact, the fresh-faced vampire willingly utilized his skills and charisma to his advantage to help Vicki. The chemistry between the two and their constant will-they-won’t-they situation is quite intense. Love it!

Similarity Match: 90%
Blood, gore and monsters roaming the streets, but this sometimes feels more like a cop show than a supernatural one.

‘Forever Knight’ (CBS, 1992 – 1996)

Poor Nicholas… tortured by a soul he hasn’t got…

About 800-year-old vampire Detective Nicholas Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies), who works the night shift at a police station, and partners with city medical examiner Natalie (Catherine Disher), his only human comrade to know of his “affliction.” Nick struggles with his immortality and humanity, working alongside Natalie to find a cure for his vampirism all while solving different crimes throughout the city, and using his powers to give him the upper hand.

Many of Nick’s cases frequently tie into memories of his many years living on earth as a vampire, utilizing unique flashbacks to uncover his history. Though the vampires land on the traditional side, the show did employ a rarity in vampire-driven shows: an existing cure.

Similarity Match: 85%
Human woman meets vampire male and sparks start to fly, but without all the blood lust and sexual chemistry.


If You Like ‘True Blood’, You Will Like…

So, if you’re like me and mainly tune in for the seductive prowess of Bill and Erik, then, by Jove, I have you covered! Vamps and werewolves step aside now, because these hot mortals engage in some of the steamiest, hottest and sweatiest sex scenes on TV.

‘Lost Girl’ (Syfy, 2010 – 2015)

I am ready to know who or what I really am … whatever the cost…

This revolves around a supernatural woman, Bo (Anna Silk), who can arouse people by touching, then sucks the life out of them by kissing them. Talk about the kiss of death right?! She’s been on the run ever since she was eighteen, leaving behind a long trail of dead lovers. Her life takes a drastic turn for the better the day she meets Kenzie (Ksenia Solo), her new sidekick and friend. Together they learn about the supernatural world around them and work as private investigators to solve supernatural cases with Bo’s powers.

Hot, steaming and full of monsters. That being said, both shows have a very different tone and style.

‘Spartacus’ (Starz, 2010 – 2013)

How many men would you kill to see your wife again?

This is a historical drama that revolves around Thracian gladiator Spartacus (Andy Whitfield), and him leading a slave rebellion against the Roman Republic.

Inspired by the life of Spartacus, this features brutal violence, strong language, graphic nudity and intense sexuality.

It isn’t original… those who’ve played the PS2 game ‘Colosseum – Road to Freedom’ will find a lot of similarities, as will fans of ‘Gladiator’ of course. But this is something to expect in a genre that is both based in history and has a fairly narrow list of (decent) fellow entries.

Graphic, bloody gore and boobs, these two shows match like a dream. But whereas ‘True Blood’ is a supernatural show, this plays politics and devil’s advocate with its leads.

‘Orange Is the New Black’ (Netflix, 2013 – )

She’s gonna make you feel better than you ever thought you could, then drain all your money and ruin your life. You’re always gonna need her. And even when you hate her, you’re gonna love her…

About the lives of inmates and guards at a female federal prison. The series centres on Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), who enters into a lesbian relationship with a drug smuggler. Piper transported illegal drug money for the drug ring. Later, she cleaned her life up and got out of the business, but is convicted for her crime and sent to prison.

The show is one of the most successful Netflix original series and has been critically and commercially acclaimed for its writing, cast and the perfect balance of drama and comedy. Warning though: it’s packed full of violence, graphic nudity and penetrating sexuality.

This show is gritty and grubby like ‘True Blood’ however the pace of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ helps the simmering menace to build nicely.


An Honourable Mention to…

There’s been loads of Vamp TV series similar to ‘True Blood’ over the years, so to name them all here would be insane, but if you’re looking for the blockbuster good lookers and the action to boot then I’d have a look at ‘The Originals’,  ‘The Strain’ and ‘Dracula’, all so good, it physically hurts to take my eyes off the TV. Oh, and as soon as I said the words “seductive” and “TV” to the other half, he shouted out ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Californication’ (find more great similar tv series here), both sexy hot shows not to be missed!

Blood Sweat Tears

Have I quenched your thirst for blood? No? Then check out these other shows, full of our fanged friends looking for a good neck to bite. Or if you tune in just for the pure horror, then I’d take a look at ‘American Horror Story’, it scares me beyond belief!

Who’s your favourite TV vampire?

Let me know in the comments below!

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