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5 Shows like The X Factor: Have You Got What It Takes?

Simon Cowell plays the pantomime villain in this Saturday night TV favourite, where having a great voice is not enough. In order to succeed in this show you need the ‘X factor’. If you are looking for more TV shows like ‘The X Factor,’ ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ will provide lots of variety and ‘Fame Academy’ will take you behind the scenes of the music industry.

It’s Time to Face the Music

Aspiring singers from all over the UK line up to audition for the chance to perform for millions of viewers, in the hope of becoming the next big thing in music. The fate of the singers lies in the hands of Simon Cowell and his team of judges, who nurture the fledgling singers to perform on the big stage.

There is always lots of drama and tears to be had during each series and the judges are not afraid to air their views. If you are looking for more TV series like The X Factor, take a look at American Idol, which follows the same knock-out process, or how about Strictly Come Dancing, if dancing is more your thing?

‘American Idol’ (Freemantle Media, 2002)

Pop Idol was the original reality singing show that eventually took off in the US in the form of American Idol.

American Idol follows a well executed format, starting with early auditions followed by knockout stages and ending with a grand finale to announce the winner.

As with most things in the US, American Idol is big on stage performances, drama and showcases some cry big voices that will blow you away.

Similarity Match: 95%
American Idol follows exactly the same format as The X Factor, but you can expect more dramatic twists from the judges and a much more flamboyant audience, woo hoo!

‘The Voice’ (Mark Burnett Productions, 2011-)

Singing shows should be all about a person’s ability to hold a tune, not what they look like, right? The Voice agrees with this premise, so therefore the show concentrates on the matter at hand, the best singer on the show.

Four celebrity panelists must sit with their backs to the performer and, if they like what they hear, they turn around in their futuristic chairs to give their vote of approval. Audience votes are key to the show, so you can get involved in crowning the next big music star.

Similarity Match: 90%
The Voice gets straight to the matter at hand, without the need to show rounds and rounds of people who audition for the fun factor rather than The X Factor.

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ (Talkback Thames, 2007-)

Not content with one Saturday night TV show, Simon Cowell created the phenomenon that is Britain’s Got Talent.

Singers, magicians, comedies and talking dogs from up and down the UK come together to audition in front of a row of celebrity judges and millions of UK viewers. BGT is all about the everyday people who have a huge belief in their talents, some misguided, but hey, who are we to judge?

Similarity Match: 80%
Britain’s Got Talent is a more of a variety show than a singing competition, but it brings plenty of laughs and the judges can be just as harsh as they are on The X Factor.

‘Fame Academy’ (BBC, 2002-2003)

Fame Academy brings together a group of musicians that must compete against each other to win a million pound record contract.

Not only do they have to perform on the same stage, they must live together for the duration of the competition. Viewers can take a Big Brother style look into the everyday lives of the contestants, as they rehearse and relax together before the all-important weekend knock out show.

Similarity Match: 75%
Fame Academy offers a lot more in terms of the amount of work and skill that goes into making music and is not as ‘showbiz’ as The X Factor, but entertaining nonetheless.

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ (BBC, 2004-)

Another series like The X Factor is Strictly Come Dancing, the hit BBC show that brings ballroom dancing to the masses. Celebrities are paired up with professional dancers and are trained to perform a different dance each week.

There are laughs aplenty as celebrities with two left feet try to master the Argentinian tango and the rowdy judges shake their heads in disbelief. The judges score each dance, but it’s the viewers that have the ultimate say in who stays and who goes.

Similarity Match: 70%
Strictly is more about what you can do with your feet rather than your voice, but it follows a format that we all know and love.


Let’s Dance

I hope you liked my suggestions for shows similar to The X Factor.

If you can think of another TV show that you’d like to recommend to other The X Factor fans, I’d love to read about a show that I can dance around my living room to, in the comments below.

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