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5 Shows like The Muppet Show: Puppets on TV

samar2Conceived on the premise of using a medium (puppetry) that appeals to the young at heart, Jim Henson took his idea for a puppet show styled like a vaudeville performance to the U.K. for its original run. Featuring variety acts with singing, dancing, absurdist humour and parodies, Kermit the Frog leads each episode and introduces the human guest star.

Read on for more puppet TV shows like ‘The Muppet Show’. ~ Samar N

Shows Similar to ‘The Muppet Show’

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‘Dinosaurs’ (ABC, 1991 – 1994)

Conceived by Jim Henson, the show premiered a year after his death but stayed true to his wish to portray an average TV sitcom family, replacing humans with dinosaurs. Set in 60,000,003 BC in Pangaea (before the continents separated), the show uses clever prehistoric stand-ins to narrate coming-of-age dramas. (Charlene’s anxiety about being the only girl in her class who hadn’t grown her ‘tail’ yet was clearly a reference to puberty). The last episode tells the chilling story of an extinction caused by environmental damage, as the devastating long-term effects of tree-felling carried out by Earl and other dinosaurs for the Wesayso Corporation are finally irreversible.


Similarity Match

A family of dinosaurs is just your average family.



‘The Simpsons’ (Fox, 1989 – )

Though not a puppet show, this series similar to ‘The Muppets’ has been hailed as one of the best-written satires in TV history, though it has often been criticized by conservatives and others offended by its brash humour. The Simpsons are a parody of American TV culture; they are a yellow, puppet-like, dysfunctional working class family living in the fictional town of Springfield.


Similarity Match

A dysfunctional, puppet-like family often considered offensive.



‘Kolah Ghermezi’ (‘The One Who Owns The Red Hat’) (IRIB, 1988 – 1994)

Probably inspired by Jim Henson’s puppets, ‘Kolah Ghermezi’ is an Iranian kids show revolving around an eight year old boy who wears a red hat (after which he is named). Unabashedly childish, in the style of ‘Elmo’ from ‘Sesame Street’, Kolah Ghermezi is an unwitting prankster who speaks so fast his words are often indistinguishable; but gradually he learns to speak and behave properly from Mr. Presenter.


Similarity Match

A puppet show about a boy who still speaks like a baby.



‘Sesame Street’ (PBS, 1963 – )

Though it merits an obvious comparison with the longest running American kids show, ‘Sesame Street’ – ‘The Muppet Show’ is really not for young children. But ‘Sesame Street’ does encourage co-viewing for kids and their families by appealing to older audiences with sophisticated humour, cultural references and celebrity guest appearances. Many of its classic characters have become household names – favourites such as Big Bird, Elmo, Kermit, Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, Count Von Count and Oscar the Grouch.


Similarity Match

An educational kids muppet show the whole family will love.


If You Like ‘The Muppet Show’, You Will Like

‘The Muppets’ (ABC, 2015 – 2016)

A mockumentary that goes behind the scenes of a late night Muppet talk show received mixed reviews, as some criticized the very ‘adult’ content and others praised the idea to blend the muppets personal lives with the filming of ‘Up Late with Miss Piggy’, which supposedly aired after ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’.


Similarity Match

The most 'adult' update to the Muppet brand.


What Would You Add?

Those are the shows I’d recommend if you’re looking for TV series like ‘The Muppets’. Stay tuned for more!

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