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5 Shows like The Mindy Project: Work in Progress

Mindy has a lot of issues going on in her personal life and, boy, does she like to shout about them. Her career may be a success, but her love life is on the floor and there appears to be nothing that can be done about it. If you are looking for other TV shows like The Mindy Project, New Girl is a fun apartment share show and How I Met Your Mother shows us that grownups don’t always get it right either.

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Life with Mindy is far from quiet as everything that she does is with a bang. In her role as a successful ob/gyn doctor Mindy is rocking it, but outside of the office her life is far from perfect. All she wants is a fairy tale romance just like Beauty and the Beast and instead she just gets the beast.

Her well meaning friends try to help Mindy out of the awkward situations she finds herself in, however, they are just as problematic as her. If you cannot get enough single lady drama, we take a look at TV series like The Mindy Project.

‘New Girl’ (Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures, 2011-)

Zooey Deschanel plays quirky to a tee in her role of teacher Jess, who finds herself living in a loft with three men after finding out her boyfriend has cheated on her. The guys she lives with are equally as eccentric as Jess, making all four of them a perfect match for each other. Will sports mad Winston ever get the win that he is looking for?

Will law school dropout Nick ever find inspiration to get a job? Will ladies man Schmidt ever realise that he is not God’s gift to women? And will the lovely Jess ever find true love again? You will need to watch to find out.

Similarity Match: 95%
Jess may be slightly more comfortable with her single status than Mindy, but she still goes through many ups and down whilst looking for love, supported by her eccentric group of flatmates.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ (20th Century Fox, 2005-2014)

Ever wondered how your parents met? Well, so do Ted Mosby’s kids. Ted happily obliges and goes on to tell them how he met their mother, in great detail. Set in 2030 but telling a tale from 2005 onwards, the show cleverly mixes past, present and future, with plenty of drama along the way.

Follow the trials and tribulations of Ted fell in love, with the support of his friends who were with him all the way. The group of friends all have personality traits that both delight and annoy one another and the audience alike.

Similarity Match: 90%
Ted and the gang are a highly dysfunctional group at times, just like Mindy’s friends, making for a great ensemble cast to keep the audience on his toes.

‘Parks and Recreation’ (Deedle-Dee Productions, 2009-2015)

Another series like The Mindy Project is Parks and Recreation. The show is a mockumentary featuring the parks and recreation team in the town of Pawnee, Indiana. Amy Poehler plays accident prone governor Leslie Knope and her goof ball sidekicks, who cannot seem to get to grips with positive PR for the town.

Take a look at these top Parks and Recreation quotes to see just what struggles the governor has to face.

Similarity Match: 80%
Leslie could do with a few tips from Mindy when it comes to good career moves, but she is slightly more successful in affairs of the heart, very slightly.

‘Hart of Dixie’ (Fake Empire, 2011-2015)

Newly qualified doctor Zoe Hart takes the drastic decision to move from New York to a small town in Alabama, when her original plans fall through. Bluebell is a tiny Gulf Coast town, where everyone knows each others business, which is a far cry from the bright lights of NYC.

Despite her reservations, Zoe is determined to make a success of her new life and get to grips with living in a small town community. Hart of Dixie is one of my favourite feel-good shows.

Check out this link for more likeable characters and light-hearted storylines.

Similarity Match: 75%
Zoe is way more chilled out than Mindy so if you are looking for a happier and less intense version of The Mindy Project than Hart of Dixie is a lovely escape.

‘Happy Endings’ (Fan Fare, 2011-2015)

Happy Endings follows the lives of six young urbanites from Chicago who are trying to learn the ropes of adulthood.

Expect plenty of relationship breakups and make-ups as well as lots of hard hitting curve-balls that life throws them. In times of struggle all you need are your best friends and maybe a glass of wine or three.

Similarity Match: 70%
Happy Endings focuses on a whole group of friends rather than one central character, which mixes the show up a bit for those who do not like solo shows.


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If you like The Mindy Project for the strong friendship bonds, then Happy Endings is the show of choice for you or, if you prefer a mix of personal and professional issues Parks and Recreation will have you howling. 

Is there another TV show similar to The Mindy Project that you’d like to recommend? Tell other fans about the series you would pick for a comedy marathon, in the comments below.

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