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5 Shows like The Inbetweeners: Oh to Be Young Again

If you are looking for laugh out loud moments, at the expense of others, The Inbetweeners will have you creased over. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong for the unfortunate foursome that make up the cast. If you are looking for more TV shows like The Inbetweeners, Peep Show is equally as crass and Friday Night Dinner will give you as much Simon Baird as you could wish for.

Teenage Wasteland

Meet Simon, Neil, Jay and Will, aka ‘The Inbetweeners.’ This dysfunctional foursome are at that awkward age when you are not quite a child but are not yet prepared to be an adult.
We meet Will as he transitions between private school and public school and is on the hunt for new friends. Dubbed a geek, Will soon finds solace in a group of friends that are all outcasts within the school.
As the group tries to gain popularity and fit in with the cool gangs, high jinxes and laughs aplenty ensue. Take a look at these top 10 The Inbetweeners quotes to get an idea of how hilarious the show is.
If you cannot get enough teenage angst other TV series like ‘The Inbetweeners’ include the hard hitting Channel 4 show ‘Skins’ and the very funny ‘Pramface.’
‘Fresh Meat’ (Lime Productions, 2011-)

Comedian Jack Whitehall stars in this TV sitcom that follows a group of six students as they begin to experience university life.

Think of all the stereotypes that you would associate with university students, add them together and you will arrive at Fresh Meat. Stereotypes aside, the writer cleverly develops characters that you will either relate to, empathise with or simply laugh at; perfect chemistry for Saturday night TV.

Similarity Match: 95%
Humiliation is the order of the day in Fresh Meat, just as it is in The Inbetweeners. If irreverent TV is what you are looking to escape too, you will love this show.

‘Peep Show’ (Objective Productions, 2003-2014)

Housemates Jez and Mark are two of the most unlikely people that you would ever put together, yet they are perfect together. The unlikely twenty somethings find themselves living together and struggling with the demands of everyday life.

Forever unlucky in love and forever chasing the dream, will this unlucky duo ever grow up?

Unique camera work allows us to be a fly on the wall in the everyday lives of Mark and Jez, sometimes painfully so.

Similarity Match: 85%
The Inbetweeners is written by the team behind Peep Show, so there are definite similarities in the humour. Peep Show is the ideal show to love onto when you are looking for a, very slightly, more grown up comedy.

‘Pramface’ (Little Comet, 2012-)

Picture, a young middle class girl on a night out bumps into an even younger working class boy, the two have a few drinks together, fall into bed and end up with a bun in the oven.

Aaarrrgh, is exactly the word coming out of Laura Derbyshire’s mouth, as she gets to grips with being pregnant as a result of a very drunken night out. Is it all bad though?

Can it be possible that Laura and the father of her child, Jamie, have more in common than they first think?

Similarity Match: 80%
The young characters in this show have a lot more serious stuff to deal with than the guys in The Inbetweeners, but there is always room for a joke in life, right?

‘Skins’ (Company Pictures, 2007-2013)

Skins is the critically acclaimed UK show that tackles the everyday subjects that affect teenagers today, Teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, romance and fallouts all feature in this gritty Channel 4 drama, but it also likes to have fun with the characters so it is not all doom and gloom.

Follow Cassie, Effy and the rest of the group for plenty of fun, frolics and heartache.

Similarity Match: 75%
Skins is certainly not the laugh a minute TV, that you would expect from The Inbetweeners but it is equally as representative of teens today.

‘Friday Night Dinner’ (BBC, 2011-Popper Pictures)

Another series like The Inbetweeners is Friday Night Dinner, starring The Inbetweeners favourite Simon Bird.

The show is a fun expose of a traditional British Jewish family, who meet up at the end of the week to spend quality time together (and to take the mickey out of one and other.) Brothers Jonny and Adam are constantly playing tricks on each other and Dad, Martin, is forever in a state of undress, much to the dismay of Mum, whose only wish in life is for one peaceful Friday night dinner.

Similarity Match: 70%
Simon Bird does what he does best in this show, creating laugh a minute jokes that will have you in stitches. The comedy is more grown up, but only a bit.


Not Ready to Grow Up?

I hope you liked my suggestions for shows similar to The Inbetweeners.

If you can think of another TV show that you’d like to recommend to The Inbetweeners fans, I’d love to read about a show where I can get my next comedy fix in the comments below.

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