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5 Shows like The Good Wife: Her Story

Alicia Florrick is the epitome of the perfect wife. After a controversial scandal, rather than succumb to gossip, she stands up to fight for her family and silence her critics. If you are looking for more TV shows like The Good Wife, Scandal is equally as salacious and Grey’s Anatomy features gossip galore.

She Will Do Anything for Her Family

The Good Wife is a serial drama starring  ER favourite Juliana Margulies. The show centres around Alicia Florrick, the loyal ‘good wife’ to a former state attorney, who is now disgraced and serving a long jail sentence, due to fraud.

Alicia must put her husband’s corruption scandal to one side and step up to look after her family. Alicia returns to her job as a litigator, but the show explores much more than mundane legal stuff. If you cannot get enough small town drama, other TV series like The Good Wife include Madam Secretary and Grey’s Anatomy.

‘Madam Secretary’ (CBS, 2014-)

Téa Leoni plays Secretary of State, Elizabeth McCord, a woman who must fight for both her personal and professional future. McCord is a former CIA agent, so she has what it takes to fight the pressures that society places upon her.

As well as gaining insight into the political world, Madam Secretary lets us take a look into the personal side of a woman who is determined to make her mark on the world, despite its restrictions.

Similarity Match: 95%
Madam Secretary portrays the everyday struggles that women face in the world today in order to be seen as an equal, just as Alicia strives to do the best for her family, despite the obstacles.

‘Scandal’ (ABC, 2012-)

Former White House Communications Director, Olivia Pope, starts her own crisis management firm only to realise her clients are not the only ones with secrets. Audiences quickly identify with the eclectic characters in the show and the storylines are extremely gripping. The show is compared to a lot of other TV shows, like Grey’s Anatomy, but is an addictive TV show in its own right.

Similarity Match: 90%
Like The Good Wife, Scandal portrays a kick-ass woman who knows how she wants to live her life and will do so by any means possible.

‘Suits’ (Hypnotic Productions, 2011-)

Mike Young is a college drop-out with so much more to give and a determination to do so. After a routine drug deal goes wrong, Young finds himself talking to legal expert Harvey Specter, and is soon on his books as his partner against crime.

Specter takes a risk in hiring the very clever Young, but he is a diamond in the rough that needs to be tamed.

Sound good? Make sure to also have a look at these other shows similar to ‘Suits’.

Similarity Match: 85%
Not so much as a woman scorned but a man who is hard done by and who knows that can do much better than the life he has become caught up in.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (ABC, 2005-)

Grey’s Anatomy is a drama centred on the personal and professional lives of a group of surgical interns and their superiors. Meredith Grey is the central character in this high flying medical drama that has become a cult box set classic.

As well as exploring professional struggles, Grey’s Anatomy gives us insight into the personal struggles of each of the characters, each one very different. The show is not all about relationship dramas, it does cover lots of medical issues, with one storyline hitting the headlines when it helped to save a woman’s life.

Similarity Match: 80%
Grey’s Anatomy follows a completely different theme than The Good Wife but viewers will see comparisons between strong willed Meredith and Alicia.

‘Revenge’ (ABC, 2011-2014)

Another series like The Good Wife is Revenge. Living in The Hamptons means that you constantly have to be on top of your social status and you don’t have the time to let anything stand in your way. Emily Thorne, played by Emily VanCamp, faces an uphill struggle to gain approval when she returns to The Hamptons after a long absence.

Emily had to leave her home town when her father was embroiled in a scandal that tore her family apart. Upon her return, Emily vows to take revenge on those who let her father down and you can go along for the ride.

Similarity Match: 75%
Like Alicia, Emily Thorne must keep her head held high and fight for her family, but she can play a lot nastier than the level-headed Alicia. Revenge has more of a soap opera feel to it, which means there is plenty of shocking moments that just wouldn’t happen in real life.


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