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5 Shows like Teletubbies: Bizzare Shows for Kids

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The BBC’s ‘Teletubbies’ series is certainly one of the most trippy kids shows out there. Following the meanderings of five brightly-coloured alien-type beings who live under the gaze of the sun god “Ra”, it’s a pretty trippy experience to say the least.

For other TV shows like ‘Teletubbies’, check out the following suggestions! ~ Simon Hamilton

Shows Similar to ‘Teletubbies’

This article recommends an underrated title, a must-see title, an unknown title, an ‘if you like, you will like’ title and an unexpected title so you have different options when it comes to choosing your next movie to watch.



‘The Hoobs’ (Channel 4, 2001-2002)

The Hoobs are a technologically advanced alien species – albeit rather stupid. The show focuses around four of their species – Tula, Groove, Ivor and Roma – who are sent to Earth with a mission to report back on their findings.

It’s a little bizarre, but what’s surprising about this series is the level of sexual innuendo. This makes ‘The Hoobs’ an amusing choice if you’re looking for a TV series like ‘Teletubbies’. There’s more than enough to keep adults with a keen eye entertained, which is probably the intention.


Similarity Match

A kids show with an astounding abundance of barely-disguised adult humour. 



‘Boohbah’ (ITV, 2003-2006)

Look no further than ‘Boohbah’ if you’re looking for a series similar to ‘Teletubbies’. Created by the same person, Anne Wood, this is an equally trippy monstrosity of a show without rhyme nor reason.

This is the story (if you can call it that) of a ridiculous group of aliens who travel in an organically-constructed craft called the “Booball”. Overweight and bald with retractable skin that gives their heads a distinctly phallic appearance, this is another bizarre show for kids which offers plenty of content to keep adults suitably amused.


Similarity Match

If you thought 'Teletubbies' was like an acid trip, just wait until you see this. 



‘Lazy Town’ (LazyTown Entertainment, 2007-2014)

“This is a show set in a place called (yes, you’ve guessed it) “Lazy Town”, where everyone but a girl called Stephanie is incredibly lazy. She and her friend Sporticus, a Hispanic fitness-freak, are intent on changing this.

The show is an odd mixture of live action, puppetry and CGI animation. This makes for a bizarre, and in all honesty, a rather disturbing visual experience.


Similarity Match

Truly nightmarish! 



‘Bibleman’ (Pamplin Entertainment, 1995-ongoing)

This is a moralistic series following the exploits of Miles Petersen, a man who once had money, power and fame before he lost it all – and then redeemed himself by harnessing the power of the Bible and returning as a superhero.

What superhero powers does this man have? Well, he doesn’t have any. It’s just a guy dressed up in an outlandish superhero costume who battles comical villains by quoting from scripture.


Similarity Match

This series was straight to video - and it's no surprise why. 


If You Like ‘Teletubbies’, You Will Like

‘Tales From Europe’ (BBC, 1957)

Quite why the BBC bought this German production and dubbed it is beyond comprehension. The male protagonist gets transformed into a bear with anger problems, the attractive female protagonist is transformed into a rather ugly version of herself because of her apparent lack of virtue, and a malevolent-looking fish turns out to be a surprisingly upstanding sort of guy.

Bizarre? You bet it is. A reviewer on Amazon described it thus: “Imagine a fairy tale conceived by Wagner and directed by Fritz Lang, with nods in the direction of The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari and German Expressionism, and you’d be close.”

**Unfortunately, at the point of publishing there was no trailer for this movie available on YouTube


Similarity Match

Want to frighten your children? Show them this. 


Let Us Know Your Thoughts

Well, there you have it. Some of the most bizarre, surreal and more-than-slightly inappropriate shows aimed at kids.

Can you think of any other worthy suggestions? Add them all below!

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