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5 Shows like Stargate SG 1: The Gates are Opening

James Thomas itcherThe possibility of traveling to a different world has always intrigued fans of science fiction. TV shows like ‘Stargate: SG 1’ portray characters leaping from one world to the next in the name of discovery, while mechanized hell-beasts give chase. If you’re like me and enjoy the possibility of traveling to different worlds and making strange discoveries, you should check out shows like ‘Sliders’, ‘Fringe’, and ‘Terra Nova’. ~ James Thomas

Through the Gate

This show is set some years after the first team stumbled into the greatest scientific discovery humanity has made.

The show starts with disposable characters being blown up, vaporized, or rendered unrecognizable. To my delight, they introduced new alien creatures which looked as good as the Goa’uld from the movie.

‘Stargate: SG 1’ became one of the shows I watched from beginning to end because of its brisk pace and the constant threat of danger.


Shows Similar to ‘Stargate: SG 1’…

‘Sliders’ (Fox, 1995-2000)

As a nerdy child of the 90s, I remember ‘Sliders’ as the toned down version of the ‘X-Files’ that I could watch before I was told to finish my homework and head to bed.

The show was full of awesome characters such as Quinn Mallory. Quinn was a young, misunderstood and underappreciated genius who created a remote control that defied the laws of physics through a rip in the fabric of space, creating a door to another world.

Quinn and his friends were bounced around from one reality to another. My favorite part of the series was when the reality-hopping Cro-Magnon invaders from an alternate timeline started going all Manhunter on humanity… good times!

Similarity Match: 90%
Like in ‘Stargate: SG 1’, in this show an unprepared group of travelers stumbles into incomprehensible situations and continuously bumbles their way to safety. However, in ‘Sliders’ they have little control over the trips they take or if they get to keep their limbs when they leave.

‘Fringe’ (Fox, 2008-2013)

A bull in the shape of a man with porcupine quills was only the tip of the iceberg of weirdness that was ‘Fringe’. Similar to ‘Stargate: SG-1’, this program dealt with strange places but there were also monsters grown in vats, time thieves, Chimeras, and an experimental cow.

The most charming member of the cast was Walter Bishop, who spent eighty percent of his screen time high on, well, all kinds of drugs after having a portion of his brain removed to stop himself from becoming evil.

Walter’s also the mad scientist who created every abomination faced by the ‘Fringe’ squad.

Similarity Match: 85%
In ‘Fringe’ there is a government task force trying to head off threats to humanity that consider the earth to be one giant unarmed buffet just like ‘Stargate: SG 1’, but the threats in this show are often homegrown.

‘Terra Nova’ (Fox, 2011)

What I love about science fiction series is that they create some of the most entertaining plot-holes in the history of serial television.

The show ‘Terra Nova’ has massive numbers of people moving through time and intentionally wrecking the continuum.

After making their world uninhabitable and creating technology that can send humanity back in time, they decide not to fix the world they destroyed. They choose to flood the Jurassic era like locust and screw up the whole timeline. Ugh, humans.

Similarity Match: 80%
As in ‘Stargate: SG 1’, humanity has figured out how to snap the laws of physics in two. But in ‘Terra Nova’ humanity is running away from the putrid dumpster fire they turned the world into instead of fixing the problem.


If You Like ‘Stargate: SG 1’, You Will Like…

These next shows each deal with the uncanny aspects of ‘Stargate: SG 1’, focusing on random invasions from other timelines and realities and the future saving itself at the expense of the past.

‘Primeval’ (ITV, 2007-2011)

Similar to many TV series like ‘Stargate: SG 1’, ‘Primeval’ deals with monsters and objects popping into the present and screwing up the timeline and endangering all the folks wandering around the streets of London.

Basically, there are temporal wormholes poking through reality all across the UK and they cause dinosaurs to drop in the middle of Piccadilly Circus and Walthamstow. The best parts of the series are when there seems to be no rhyme or reason behind the chaos.

The creatures invading our world are coming at us like children clamoring for candy after a piñata has been smashed open.

Like in ‘Stargate: SG 1’, the UK government in ‘Primeval’ is fighting the consequences of temporal experimentation with the power of bureaucracy. But in this show the monsters come to us before we can get to them.

’12 Monkeys’ (Syfy, 2015- )

Some of the best shows like ‘Stargate: SG 1’ are based on movies. The series ‘12 Monkeys’ is based on a movie that was released in the 90s at a time when a film about an insane time traveler was primed to become a big underground hit.

The main character of this show is a poor schlub who has the unfortunate luck of being a hero from a future where a disease wiped out humanity and reduced the population to a number so low that it might be difficult to field a whole football team.

The best part of the show is the weirdly myopic decision to use the time machine not to stop the virus in the past but to find a cure for the future. There are no beasts running around and wrecking things, just an insane man popping in and out of time and doing very little to convince people of the veracity of his mission.

In ‘12 Monkeys’, the heroes are focused more on survival than exploration. But in both shows the results of each excursion are as predictable as a rabid dog on drugs.


The Gateway to Adventure

Each of the shows on this list is about the human tendency to seek out adventure and discovery even at the cost of life, limb, and the well-being of the people along for the ride. Would you risk everything for a strange adventure?

Let us know in the comments down below.

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