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6 Shows like Snapped: Femmes Fatales

Adam Pothitos itcherWhat motivates people to lie, steal, and even kill? These are all questions that most of us have asked at one point or another. TV shows like ‘Snapped’, ‘Deadly Women’, and ‘Wives with Knives’ portray the lives of female criminals, the reasons behind their actions, and the consequences they have to face. ~ Adam Pothitos

The Allure of Crime

For the average person, the concept of committing a serious crime is nothing more than a subject of fascination or terror. However, crime is an integral part of some people’s lives, whether they choose it or not.

Getting a tiny glimpse into the lives and minds of female criminals is inherently fascinating and that’s exactly why TV series like ‘Snapped’ are so incredibly popular.


Shows Similar to ‘Snapped’…

‘Deadly Women’ (Investigation Discovery, 2008- )

An incredibly interesting show that not only showcases murders committed by women but also attempts to explain them, each episode of ‘Deadly Women’ focuses on three separate murder cases which are reenacted by professional actors. A host of experts including police officers, FBI profilers, and true crime authors add more details to each story and provide an insight into the minds of the killers.

As it happens with the majority of similar shows, ‘Deadly Women’ sometimes tries too hard to make the stories entertaining. Still, most stories are fascinating and the team of experts add a lot to each episode. Many of these shows do not actually attempt to explain the crimes in a scientific manner so ‘Deadly Women’ is refreshing in this respect.

Similarity Match: 95%
Because the two shows have an extremely similar format, the only difference is that ‘Deadly Women’ places more emphasis on reenactments in contrast to ‘Snapped’, which centers on narration.

‘Wives with Knives’ (Investigation Discovery, 2012- )

As the title suggests, ‘Wives with Knives’ focuses entirely on women who have committed crimes against their partners. The crime in question is usually an assault with a knife or a similar object but the stories don’t always end in a murder.

The most interesting part about ‘Wives with Knives’ is that it often features interviews from both the criminals and the victims. At the same time, the overarching story is narrated and reenacted by professional actors. This combination is fantastic because it lets you get a better overview of the whole story, including the events that led to the crime.

Similarity Match: 90%
Though ‘Snapped’ and ‘Wives with Knives’ have a similar style and often cover identical cases, the latter focuses entirely on crimes committed by women in relationships.

‘Pretty Bad Girls’ (Investigation Discovery, 2012- )

More than any other show on this list, ‘Pretty Bad Girls’ is all about entertainment. The stories are dramatized in such a way that the series would best be described as a docudrama. This will make or break the deal for most people as the show tries very hard to present each story in the most entertaining fashion possible.

The show focuses entirely on attractive women with dangerous or deadly qualities who often use their charm and beauty to get what they want.

The best part about the show is probably Judy Ho, a clinical psychologist who tries to explain the motives behind each crime.

Similarity Match: 85%
‘Pretty Bad Girls’ is what ‘Snapped’ may have been if it was only concerned with attractive individuals and had a tendency to dramatize everything.

‘Facing Evil with Candice DeLong’ (Investigation Discovery, 2010)

Candice DeLong, a former FBI profiler, visits women’s prisons and interviews female prisoners who have committed murder. The show exclusively features women up until season four, when DeLong starts visiting male prisoners.

This is one of the most compelling shows on this list. It regularly features unique, exclusive interviews that often add previously unknown details to crimes of the past. For instance, take a look at Candice White and her controversial story that ended with the death of a couple and their four children.

Similarity Match: 75%
‘Facing Evil’ heavily focuses on the one-on-one interviews, unlike series similar to ‘Snapped’ which may or may not feature interviews with the criminals.

‘Deadly Affairs’ (Investigation Discovery, 2012-2014)

Topping off our list is ‘Deadly Affairs’, a show that features both men and women in the role of criminals. The show chronicles affairs that ended in the worst way possible. It usually details how the couples started to drift apart, how they started their affairs, and what happened in the end.

Actress Susan Lucci is absolutely perfect as the host. Her narration is incredibly entertaining, even when the reenactments are not particularly great. Lucci’s voice is always clear, compelling, and sometimes damning as she details the gruesome details of the titular deadly affairs.

Similarity Match: 70%
If it wasn’t for the fact that ‘Deadly Affairs’ covers both male and female criminals, the show would practically be identical to ‘Snapped’.


If You Like ‘Snapped’, You Will Like…

One of the most common questions that people ask while they’re watching true crime documentaries is this: “How could the victims not understand that they were living with a murderer?” The answer to that question is actually more frightening than you may think. Murderers are human beings like any other. They can be parents, spouses, siblings, or even an old colleague.

‘Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry’ (Investigation Discovery, 2010- )

This is a show that attempts to answer the aforementioned question. It features interviews from real people who were married to a convicted criminal and had no idea about it.

After all, there are plenty of cases of serial killers who lived a perfectly normal life with friends, family, and neighbors until the grisly details of their crimes were revealed.

‘Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry’ is often heavy on the drama and the emphasis is placed on the victims and their stories.


Dramatized Investigations

With a barrage of true crime documentary series, Investigative Discovery quickly became one of the most popular cable channels. The popularity of every single show on this list tells me that we’re going to see a lot more similar shows in the near future, especially since spin-offs are now a very common occurrence in the TV industry.

If you’ve watched other shows similar to ‘Snapped’ and would like to share them with us, please leave a comment down below!

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