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5 Shows like Sesame Street: Kid-Friendly Shenanigans

samar2Sesame Street was intelligently designed based on research which set cognitive and affective goals for the show. The creators aimed at using modelling, repetition and humour to prepare very young children for school, especially those from families who had limited access to early-learning educational resources.

By including sophisticated humour, cultural references and celebrity guest appearances, they also appealed to older children and parents to encourage family bonding.

Tune in for more TV shows like ‘Sesame Street’! ~ Samar N

Shows Similar To ‘Sesame Street’

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‘Barney & Friends’ (PBS, 1992 – 2009)

Highly underrated over the past decade, Barney is everyone’s favourite dancing dinosaur!

The theme song is infectious. Best of all is when Barney’s cousin (who is green with purple spots) joins in for some dino dancin’ tunes!

Just like a TV series like ‘Sesame Street’, Barney and his pals will keep your young ones entertained!


Similarity Match

A goofy dinosaur invites children to get their groove on.



‘Mr. Roger’s Neighbourhood’ (PBS, 1963 – )

A most fondly remembered children’s TV show host, Fred Rogers reached out to his audience with a gentle and caring manner, covering virtually every topic of concern to children with just the right amout of sentimentality.

A model trolley would take us to a neighborhood of Make-Believe, where Mr. Roger would illustrate his stories with puppet characters.

Another interactive TV show for the kids.


Similarity Match

The late Mr. Roger was one of the best-loved kids' show hosts.



‘Lamb Chop’s Play-Along’ (PBS, 1992 – 1997)

Host Shari Lewis lives with her puppets Lamb Chop, Hush Puppy and Charlie Horse: somehow, she plays them all and they all sing along:

“”This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend…””

This is more of a recommendation for Gen Y babies!


Similarity Match

Gen Y babies like us grew up with these tunes.



‘The Muppet Show’ (ITV, 1976 – 1981)

An unexpected choice because it’s aimed at slightly more adult audiences. Jim Henson took his puppet show to the UK after a pilot in the US failed to gain attention.

Styled like a vaudeville show, featuring singing, dancing, absurdist humour and parodies, Kermit the Frog leads the gang of Muppet characters and welcomes each episode’s human guest star.

There have been several movies based on this show – check them out!


Similarity Match

Jim Henson's Muppet Show appeals to an older audience.


If You Like ‘Sesame Street’, You Will Like

‘Reading Rainbow’ (PBS, 1983 – 2006)

LeVar Burton introduces children’s books with a friendly and calm manner similar to that of Mr. Roger.

Each episode is centred on a theme from a book, explored through stories and rounded out with suggestions for further reading.

Perfect for kids aged 6-10!


Similarity Match

Another beloved kids' show host, LeVar Burton, introduces children's books thematically.


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