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7 Shows like Salad Fingers: Endearingly Creepy Cartoons

Jonny_Sweet_itcher_contributorAre you one of those people who finds Salad Fingers’ idiosyncratic northern accent and curvy digits cute? Or perhaps you’re of the same persuasion as me – I believe that Hubert Cumberdale, Jeremy Fisher and Marjory Stewart-Baxter are the real stars of the show. Whatever the reason you’re attracted to this weirdly fascinating series, ‘Strindberg and Helium’ and ‘Monkey Dust’ are good places to start when looking for more shows like ‘Salad Fingers’. ~ Jonny Sweet

Here to Enquire about the Spoons, Are You?

The mind of David Firth is a dark and depraved place. If in search for more spooky series similar to ‘Salad Fingers’, there’s no better place to gorge yourself on his unique brand of compellingly repulsive cartoons than by checking out his entire back catalogue of over 100 projects. There are too many to list in total, but fans of his work should definitely check out ‘Spoilsbury Toast Boy’, ‘Burnt Face Man’ and ‘Dog of Man’, among others.

Of course, if you’re a fan of Firth already, you’ve more than likely discovered all of the above on Newgrounds, his own site Fat-Pie, or on his dedicated YouTube channel… in which case, you’re probably hankering for some more, right?

Well, don’t get your fancy trousers in a twist – check out these recommendations below and you’ll have more bile for your brain in no time.


Shows Similar to ‘Salad Fingers’…

‘Llamas with Hats’ (Jason Steele, 2009-2010)

From the creator of the far more popular ‘Charlie the Unicorn’ mini-series comes ‘Llamas with Hats’, a ten-part animation with two llamas, one of which (Carl) has murderous tendencies.

The plots of the episodes follow the same basic outline (with Carl doing something grisly and Paul berating him for it), though an interesting explanation as to the evolution of the series has been put forward by Steele himself.

Similarity Match: 75%
‘Llamas with Hats’ might not be quite as weird as ‘Salad Fingers’, but the humour employed by it is every bit as macabre.

‘Strindberg and Helium’ (Eun-Ha Paek, 2007-2010)

The eponymous duo here are a gloomy philosopher who muses constantly on the futility and barbarity of the modern world, while his companion, a floating pink balloon, does his utmost to cheer him up.

As with ‘Salad Fingers’, many commentators have attempted to ascribe deeper meanings to the series – one Huffington Post-er even uses the show as a neat analogy for dealing with friends suffering from chronic depression.

Similarity Match: 75%
Both ‘Strindberg and Helium’ and ‘Salad Fingers’ explore the ideas of depression and alienation, but while the former is far more philosophical about the subject, the latter is downright bizarre and often upsetting.

‘Monkey Dust’ (Harry Thompson & Shaun Pye, 2003-2005)

A deliciously depraved animated sketch show, ‘Monkey Dust’ features characters like a sexual deviant who borrows his alibis from popular culture, a disgusting paedophilic pensioner whose attempts at internet dating are seemingly always doomed to failure and, my personal favourite, Ivan Dobsky – a man wrongly accused of murder and released after 30 years only to find the world a very different place.

For an illuminating background on writer Harry Thompson, check out this great tribute piece from Vice magazine.

Similarity Match: 70%
Both ‘Salad Fingers’ and ‘Monkey Dust’ delight in the perverse, but while the former merely presents shocking or peculiar situations, the latter positively pokes fun at all things fucked up.

‘asdfmovie’ (Thomas Ridgewell, 2008-2012)

Taking the form of a comic strip, ‘asdfmovie’ uses stickmen drawings to create short, punchy sketches which offend and entertain in almost equal measure.

Such is the popularity of the series that its creator (whose stage name is TomSka) has hundreds of millions of views on his YouTube channel and has been parodied by copycat artists countless times over.

Similarity Match: 65%
While ‘Salad Fingers’ is capable of upsetting and offending through its deftly-created characters and atmospheric eeriness, ‘asdfmovie’ is more direct and visceral in its crude humour.

‘Shaye Saint John’ (Eric Fournier, 2000-2001)

The title character is a fictional ex-super model who claims to have been badly mutilated in a horrific train accident. In an attempt to rebuild her physique, she uses discarded mannequin parts, including a mask and limbs… as weird as it sounds.

Similarity Match: 65%
While ‘Salad Fingers’ and ‘Shaye Saint John’ both feature a compellingly creepy protagonist in a surreal world, the former uses animation while the latter is a live action show.

‘Modern Toss’ (Jon Link & Mick Bunnage, 2005-2011)

Originating as a comic strip, ‘Modern Toss’ was commissioned by Channel 4 as a TV series in 2005. It ran for two seasons and was aired around the world in more than 30 countries, using offensive humour to highlight quirks about modern society.

Definitely more light-hearted and infinitely less outlandish than ‘Salad Fingers’.

Similarity Match: 60%
Whereas ‘Salad Fingers’ is entirely animated, ‘Modern Toss’ uses a mix of mediums to deliver a satirical cartoon show that will likely appeal to a similar audience.


If You Like ‘Salad Fingers’, You Will Like…

With the exception of ‘Modern Toss’ and ‘Shaye Saint John’, all of the shows recommended above rely on animation as a means of communicating their material.

This last show is a live-action venture through and through, and though it’s definitely more humorous and irreverent than ‘Salad Fingers’, it’s just as perverse a project in its ideas and execution.

‘Jam’ (Chris Morris, 2000)

With sketches like ‘The Day Kilroy Lost His Mind’, ‘Jam’ is an early effort from satirist and merciless lampoon artist, Chris Morris, that foreshadows the material in ‘Brass Eye’.

However, ‘Jam’ is far darker and more akin to a horror sketch show (if such a thing exists) than anything that came after, even being voted as number 26 on Channel 4’s list of ‘100 Greatest Scary Moments’.

As such, it’s probably the TV series like ‘Salad Fingers’ closest to replicating that show’s ambience within a live action environment.

Like ‘Salad Fingers’ creator, David Firth, Chris Morris is incredibly prolific in producing deviant comedy; ‘Jam’ might just represent the cream of the crop.


Do You Not Like My Mouth Words?

Agree with my choices? Disagree violently? Disagree mild-manneredly? Well, don’t just sit there – you can help out the cause by listing some of your favourite TV shows like ‘Salad Fingers’ in the comments section below.

Then it’s back to the ghastly trenches you go!

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