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5 Shows like Ravenswood: Spookily Supernatural

Charlotte Lucas itcher‘Ravenswood’ is a spin-off of ‘Pretty Little Liars’, with character Caleb crossing over into a different world, one where a deadly curse haunts teenagers. He must work to solve the mystery of this curse, unearthing age-old secrets in the town. Supernatural mythology is explored, including ghosts and doppelgangers. Spooky! If you like to solve mysteries while being entertained, check out my recommendations for TV shows like ‘Ravenswood’, including ‘The Originals’ and ‘Twin Peaks’. ~ Charlotte Lucas

Magic and Mystery

Aside from the actual curse in the plot, ‘Ravenswood’ also suffered the curse of the spin-off.

Cancelled after just one season, viewing figures were the final nail in the coffin. Not so for the suggestions that will follow – these TV shows are successful and most are still on air today. If you liked ‘Ravenswood’ but demand a show with more longevity, read on.


Shows Similar to ‘Ravenswood’…

‘Teen Wolf’ (Aldelstein Productions, 2011–Present)

This supernatural drama takes the horror trope of werewolves and shakes it up with raging teenage hormones. Protagonist Scott has to deal with the usual growing pains associated with being a teenager in addition to adjusting to becoming a werewolf – no mean feat.

Alliances are made and broken; secrets are exposed. This juxtaposition between human relationships and mystical powers, as well as the fight for supremacy in the supernatural hierarchy, makes this show unique.

If you’d like to know more about ‘Teen Wolf’ and shows like it, take a look at our article here.

Similarity Match: 85%
Both ‘Teen Wolf’ and ‘Ravenswood’ feature a male protagonist struggling to adapt to a new and strange situation. However, ‘Teen Wolf’ has a better developed plot and is still going strong.
‘The Originals’ (Warner Bros Television, 2013–Present)

‘The Originals’ may be a spin-off of smash show ‘The Vampire Diaries’, but it has become successful in its own right. As the title may suggest, the plot focuses on original vampires, a strong bunch of paranormal creatures, and their battle for power. Vampiric concerns are coupled with more human emotions, stirring up fantastic drama.

Although it may have inherited avid fans of its sister show, ‘The Originals’ is strong enough to stand alone. This is great viewing if you’re into teen dramas with multidimensional characters – no one is entirely good or evil, and in this sense, the show is realistic.

Similarity Match: 80%
Though both ‘The Originals’ and ‘Ravenswood’ are spin-offs of hit TV shows, the former has more potential and originality.

‘Once Upon a Time’ (ABC Studios, 2011–Present)

This is actually a unique concept for a TV show, something that doesn’t come around all that often. Taking place in the fictional town of Storybrooke (you can see where this is going) one woman discovers that her modern world is really the result of a curse cast by the Evil Queen. In actuality, the entire community are fairytale creatures who have been frozen in time, with no memory of who they really are.

It may sound cutesy, as any modern day fairytale premise will. Nevertheless, this show is interesting enough to build up quite a fan base. If you’d like to know more about ‘Once Upon a Time’, check out our article.

Similarity Match: 70%
‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘Ravenswood’ share a fantastical narrative, but the former establishes its characters much more successfully.


If You Like ‘Ravenswood’, You Will Like…

The following suggestions are series similar to ‘Ravenswood’ as they still have those elements of mystery and the supernatural. However, these shows are slightly dark – they aren’t meant for a teenage audience, their shock reveals beings much scarier and macabre.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, consider tuning in to these more complex programmes.

‘Twin Peaks’ (Lynch/Frost Productions, 1990–1991)

Firstly, if you’ve never watched ‘Twin Peaks’, cancel any plans and right that wrong immediately. This was the best thing to come out of the nineties and it’s set for a reboot, so get up to date ASAP with this cult classic.

Where ‘Ravenswood’ fell short in the supernatural department, ‘Twin Peaks’ had it down. Season one focuses on the mystery behind the murder of Laura, homecoming queen and beloved resident of Twin Peaks. I won’t ruin it for you, but when the mystery is revealed it will completely knock your socks off. This really is awesome stuff.

They both use the supernatural in their respective mysteries, but ‘Ravenswood’ was just never destined for the iconic heights of ‘Twin Peaks’.

‘The X Files’ (20th Century Fox Television, 1993–Present)

Another cult series: if you haven’t seen ‘The X Files’, you’ve almost certainly heard of it. This science fiction show follows FBI Agents Mulder and Scully as they strive to uncover the truth about extra-terrestrials, among other things. If you love conspiracy theories and mythology, this show should be added to your must-watch list.

Some of the storylines have been pretty freaky, even for a seasoned horror audience. Take a look at this article for details on some of the scariest episodes of ‘The X Files’.

‘Ravenswood’ made a good attempt at investigatory characters, but no one can match up to Mulder and Scully. Despite this, the two shows share a hybridity between the real and the unreal.


If You Go Down to the Woods Today

Though ‘Ravenswood’ did indeed have the curse of the spin-off, cancelled before enjoying the success of its sister show ‘Pretty Little Liars’, it is still well worth a watch.

What did you think of my list? Leave a comment.

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