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5 Shows like Pokémon: Mystical Creatures Galore

Hannah Nwoko itcher‘Pokémon’ brings back great childhood memories, right? Trading cards, watching the show and wishing you had your own little mystical creature! If you’re a fan of adventure or someone that hinges on to every storyline and every fantasy-filled battle, then you’ll want to check out some of these entertaining TV shows like ‘Pokémon’, which include ‘Digimon’, ‘Beyblade’ and ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’. ~ Hannah Nwoko

Awesome Battles and Journeying through Distant Lands

‘Pokémon’ is very much about Ash Ketchum and his journey to become the best ‘Pokémon’ Master he can possibly be. With his trusted ‘Pokémon’ and best friend, Pikachu, by his side he ventures through towns and cities battling and defeating gym leaders.

Through his constant battles against the antagonist group, Team Rocket, as well as a host of other bitter rivals including Gary Oak, the audience follows him through a magical narrative of ‘Pokémon’ training, badges and leagues, vying for him to succeed and reach the top despite adversity.

If you enjoy anime and enjoy watching the trials and tribulations of a protagonist as close friends and a host of mythical creatures accompany them, then you’ll love this handpicked assortment of TV shows like ‘Pokémon’.

‘Digimon’ (TV Asahi, 1998)

From ‘Digimon’ Fusion and ‘Digimon’ Adventure to ‘Digimon’ Tamers and ‘Digimon’ Frontier, the entire ‘Digimon’ series revolves around small creatures banding together to help their human friends, which is why it can be considered one of the top shows similar to ‘Pokémon’.

Even more similarly, the ‘Digimon’ franchise also started on an electronic device before being made into a TV show, both shows involve creatures evolving from weaker to stronger species and both shows comprise of creatures being raised by humans.

Similarity Match: 95%
There really isn’t much difference between these two shows, in fact it is debated which TV show came first and who borrowed – or stole – from who?

‘Beyblade’ (TV Tokyo, 2001)

This show is about a group of kids that come together to form teams and battle against each other using spinning tops called Beyblades.

Beyblades contain a dark and powerful animal spirit known as Bit-Beasts – similarly to ‘Pokémon’ these Bit-Beasts are different in shape, size and have different attacks and powers e.g. earth power and lightening power.

People that are familiar with ‘Pokémon’ will know that ‘Beyblade’ is a kind of remake and form of the ‘Pokémon’ concept, except with the feature of the spinning blade.

Similarity Match: 85%
One of the biggest differences between the two shows is that ‘Pokémon’ can be touched and interact with their owners whereas the creatures in ‘Beyblade’ always remain inside their spinning metal disk apart from during battle.

‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ (TV Asahi, 1998)

‘Yu-Gi-Oh’ is another anime series spawning from the late 1990s. It can be considered as series like ‘Pokémon’ because it is all about the protagonist, Yugi’s, journey and the power he unleashes through a game.

The series features monsters, spirits, beasts and Egyptian Gods, and while it is slightly darker and more gothic than ‘Pokémon’, it still features the similar element of opponents battling against each other but in this series, the battles take place to protect an Egyptian artifact known as the Millennium Puzzle from prying people with dark hearts.

In order to do this, a spirit that possessed Yugi appears and challenges threats to battles called Shadow Games.

Similarity Match: 60%
Darker, grittier and mysterious, ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’ has possessions and ancient Pharaohs that give the show a murkier edge over its anime counterparts.

‘Dragon Ball Z’ (TV Tokyo, 2002)

‘Dragon Ball Z’ follows the adventures of a creature called Goku. An elder human looks after him then helps him understand human feelings, helps him become more down to earth and less aggressive.

The show goes on to observe Goku from childhood to adulthood along with his companions as they defend earth against an array of villains ranging from space fighters to magical creatures. This is a TV series like ‘Pokémon’ mainly because of the battles involved and the concept of a group of friends fighting together as Ash regularly did in ‘Pokémon’ with Brock and Misty.

Similarity Match: 60%
Whereas battles in ‘Pokémon’ are limited to an arena, ‘Dragon Ball Z’ contains massive scale battles, which sometimes even involve human casualties.

‘Adventure Time’ (Cartoon Network, 2010)

Although not in anime form, the reason why ‘Adventure Time’ is included in this list of TV shows similar to ‘Pokémon’ is because comparably to Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, the show focuses on the adventures of a human boy called Finn and his trusty magical dog called Jake who is by his side throughout.

They live in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo along with a mixture of mystical creatures including an Ice King, a Bubblegum Princess and a Vampire Queen.

Finn and Jake are often involved in wild and heroic adventures and we follow them on different journeys as they right wrongs and fight against villains and evil.

They have strong moral compasses and are an overall good-hearted team, just like Ash and his companions in ‘Pokémon’.

Similarity Match: 55%
A lot of adults love this show and insist that it is not a kids show, not because of rudeness or violence, but because it’s got some pretty trippy narratives!


Everyone Loves Fantasy Adventures

Everyone loves a good old fantasy adventure, not just kids!

It’s nice to be able to follow animated characters, be transported to different worlds and experience journeys through a variety of perspectives.

These are just a few of my personal recommendations, but if you have any similar suggestions, let us know!

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