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5 Shows like MTV Cribs: From the Vaults

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Before Snapchat and Instragram made celebrities’ more intimate moments widely visible, MTV’s ‘Cribs’ took us on exclusive tours of celebrity mansions.

Read on for more TV shows like ‘MTV Cribs’. ~ Samar Nattagh

Movies Similar to ‘MTV Cribs’

This article recommends an underrated title, a must-see title, an unknown title, an ‘if you like, you will like’ title and an unexpected title so you have different options when it comes to choosing your next movie to watch.



‘Next’ (MTV, 2005–2008)

A dating show where one person has the option of going on dates with 5 candidates on a secluded on a RV – but how many dates can one person get through on this half hour show?

If the contestant’s not feeling the chemistry, the date can end at any time by yelling ‘Next’. The funniest was when the person would call ‘Next’ before their date even got off the bus.


Similarity Match

A gimmicky dating show which is good for laughs. 



‘Yo! MTV Raps’ (MTV, 1988–1995)

The series that started it all, ‘Yo! MTV Raps’, was the beginning of mainstream hip-hop.

Broadcast on MTV Europe, MTV Asia and MTV Latino, the styles and sounds mixed and melded and became known to millions of people across the world.


Similarity Match

The advent of mainstream exposure to hip hop. 



‘Made’ (MTV, 2005– )

A reality TV series that lives up to its name – ‘Made’ picks a teen who aspires to be “made” into, for example, a singer, athlete, dancer or skateboarder. Then, MTV finds a ‘Made Coach’ to help them train to reach their goal.

Apparently, unlike ‘Cribs’ and ‘Pimp my Ride’, ‘Made’ actually did make successful careers for its contestants. Ryan Bowers from Season 11 is now a successful rapper, sharing managers with E-40, while Nile Greenberg still practices beatboxing… but for another purpose, as a speech-language pathologist.


Similarity Match

A more realistic reality TV show. 



‘Yo Momma’ (MTV, 2006–2007)

It’s hard to believe this was actually a show!

‘Yo Momma’ is basically a trash-talking competition aimed at insulting the opponent’s mother. Host Wilmer Valderrama scours inner-city neighbourhoods for the most original contestants, who go head to head trying to top each other’s ‘yo momma’ jokes.

The series surprisingly ran for three seasons – the first was filmed in Los Angeles, the second in New York and the third in Atlanta. Many episodes featured guest appearance by rappers.


Similarity Match

A trash-talking competition so silly it's hard to believe it ran for three seasons. 


If You Like ‘MTV Cribs’, You Will Like

‘Pimp My Ride’ (MTV, 2004–2007)

Hosted by rapper Xzibit, this television series similar to ‘MTV Cribs’ was outed for being fake by Huffington Post.

Each episode consisted of taking a car in poor condition (and the show exaggerated the damage of the pre-pimped cars) and ‘pimping’ it up, for example by installing spinner rims, a “pop-up” champagne contraption and a robotic arm (which was actually commanded from an off-screen control room rather than within the car).


Similarity Match

This show does more than just fix up a jalopy. 


Over to You

That’s all for my list of TV series like ‘MTV Cribs’. Check the comments for more suggestions.

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