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5 Shows like Master of None: Gen Y Comedy

Charlotte Lucas itcherYou may know comedic actor Aziz Ansari best for his turn in ‘Parks and Recreation’, but he’s branched out to make potentially one of the most influential comedy shows of our generation. If you’re after TV shows like ‘Master of None’ – new concepts covering new ground – you won’t go wrong with ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ and ‘Jane the Virgin’. ~ Charlotte Lucas

Masterful and Millennial

Dev of ‘Master of None’ encounters many issues affecting millennials today, including new age feminism, whether or not to have children, and navigating the world of dating. References to new developments in the world of today’s youth, including Uber and Tinder, show an affinity to the concerns of our generation.

Ansari himself is in his early thirties – still young enough to be relatable and the perfect comedian to deliver this message. Keep reading for my recommendations for series similar to ‘Master of None’.


Shows Similar to ‘Master of None’…

‘Love’ (Apatow Productions, 2016–Present)

This new Netflix original show approaches modern love head-on. It confronts all kinds of romantic relationships with honesty and complete lack of judgement.

This may sound perfect and in my opinion, we need more realism in the shows we watch, but it’s so unbearably hipster that it kind of goes beyond cliché!

Some observations of modern life and love are spot on but others are way off the mark. Read this list of the most indie moments in ‘Love’.

Similarity Match: 95%
Both ‘Love’ and ‘Master of None’ put modern living under the microscope. Surprisingly, the latter is much more moving and thought-provoking.

‘Girls’ (Apatow Productions, 2012–Present)

‘Girls’ is that show you’ve heard of due to the controversial sex scenes and alliterative names. Protagonist Hanna Horvath is a twenty-something trying to get by in modern New York, joined by her similarly young and reckless friends.

Despite being a revolutionary show in many ways, ‘Girls’ has been criticised for its lack of racial diversity and the storylines often divide opinion. It does have daring writing, though: the first season had one episode devoted entirely to gynaecology. In my opinion, we need more thinking outside the box like this in modern TV.

Similarity Match: 90%
‘Girls’ and ‘Master of None’ are about being young in New York, but where the latter is sentimental, the former dares to shock audiences.

‘Inside Amy Schumer’ (So Easy Productions, 2013–Present)

Amy Schumer is an influential feminist and comedian – if anyone knows what’s current, it’s her. Her sketch show is predictably inspired; Schumer is not afraid to cover unchartered territory, with episodes on gang bangs and meth. Provocative stuff!

Shying away from controversy doesn’t cut it with today’s young audience. The way to appeal to this generation is to challenge us and Schumer seems totally clued up.

For more on this comedian’s body of work, read this article.

Similarity Match: 85%
‘Inside Amy Schumer’ and ‘Master of None’ are shows fronted by successful comedians, but Aziz is tactful and nuanced whereas Schumer is outrageous.

‘Jane the Virgin’ (Warner Bros Television, 2014–Present)

A new and appropriately virginal comedy, ‘Jane the Virgin’ immediately struck me as the new ‘Ugly Betty’. It’s got that same kitschy comedy paired with completely over-the-top, dramatic storylines.

Our pious protagonist, Jane, gets accidentally artificially inseminated during a smear test – surely the stuff of nightmares. This leads to her becoming pregnant and her whole life is turned upside down!

If drama is your thing, read our list of more shows like ‘Jane the Virgin’.

Similarity Match: 80%
‘Jane the Virgin’ and ‘Master of None’ are similarly modern creations, but the former occasionally aims for cheap laughs.


If You Like ‘Master of None’, You Will Like…

My final recommendation may not be a new comedy show, but it remains extraordinarily relevant to modern life, despite ending over ten years ago. When a programme can stand the test of time, you know you’ve got something worth watching! Keep reading for my last suggestion.

‘Friends’ (Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions, 1994–2004)

If you haven’t seen or even heard of ‘Friends’, it’s fair to say you were either born yesterday or have lived a highly sheltered life.

This show follows a group of acquaintances as they settle into adulthood together.

Every episode was great and there were more funny moments than it would be possible to count! Honourable mentions include: unagi, pivot and Ross’ sandwich.

If you didn’t catch it at the time, there are always reruns of ‘Friends’ on TV. This is a blessing we should all be grateful for.

Though ‘Friends’ was a highly successful comedy, it was not as diverse as ‘Master of None’ – the generational differences between the two do show.


Jack of All Trades, Master of None

‘Master of None’ may just be the perfect show to speak to and for our generation. Aziz Ansari is a masterful funny-man and the entire cast is stellar, making for genuine comedy.

The absence of a laughing track speaks to its excellence: the audience does not have to be instructed when to react. There are serious moments, too, which feel similarly authentic.

Did you enjoy reading my list of TV series like ‘Master of None’?

Let me know in a comments below.

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