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4 Shows like Make It or Break It: Dreams of Making It Big

Hannah Nwoko itcherIf you’re interested in watching determined people aspire to achieve their dreams and the struggle it involves, then you’ll enjoy these other TV shows like ‘Make It or Break It’, including ‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘Glee’. ~ Hannah Nwoko

No One’s Going to Stop Them; It’s All or Nothing

‘Make It or Break It’ is all about competing for the perfect routine, achieving life goals and making it big, regardless of what it takes.

Extreme competitiveness, backstabbing, deceit, lies and secrets – anything you can do to get ahead, right? ‘Make It or Break It’ is a drama following a group of elite teenaged gymnasts, striving to make it into the Olympics.

Dealing with boyfriends, coaches and parents in between trying to achieve their dreams, they end up being rivals but also bonding at points. Despite being a team, they’re competing for solo greatness and that clearly takes prevalence over the group achievements.

So if you enjoy a bit of teen drama, rife with scandals and full of impressive talent, then keep reading this list of TV shows like ‘Make It or Break It’.

‘One Tree Hill’ (The WB, 2003)

Typical teen/ young adult drama, ‘One Tree Hill’, was a big favourite while it was on air. Amidst the love triangles, coming of age and scandals, there was an overriding sense of the characters trying to keep their dreams alive without tainting their friendships.

The show stirred emotions in its viewers and managed to keep us hanging onto their every narrative and every word through emotive plots.

Two of the five main characters, half-brothers Nathan and Lucas compete for positions on their school’s basketball team. Both have a passion for basketball and both are extremely skilled, their fault being they were focusing more on their individual glory more than winning the state basketball championship as a collective.

With Nathan starting as the head of the team, Lucas joining sparked animosity and annoyance, resulting in regular confrontations. Similarly to ‘Make It or Break It’, during the first season of the show, the brothers were totally against each other and considered each other as enemies but as the seasons went on, they bonded, particularly in times of adversity.

Similarity Match: 95%
Drama after drama, shock after shock, like ‘Make It or Break It’, ‘One Tree Hill’ does a great job of keeping viewers entertained and on their toes.

‘Glee’ (Fox, 2009)

Theatrics, performance and drama all culminate in making ‘Glee’ a great musical drama with plenty of comedic scenes, standout characters and inspirational music. The storyline itself revolves around a group of teens that end up in ‘Glee’ Club – some more enthusiastic about it than others.

As time goes on, through the teenage drama, romances, petty disputes and physical fights, the club band together to compete at Sectionals, Regionals and Nationals, working hard to achieve stardom.

This is a TV show similar to ‘Make It or Break It’ because, even though they were required to work together as a group to achieve an overall higher goal, there were many fractures and quarrels that tore them apart from the inside out. Some of them were just looking out for themselves, trying to achieve their own fame without the consideration of the others, which draws parallels to ’Make It or Break It’.

It didn’t help that the ‘Glee’ Club weren’t respected, appreciated or liked by the rest of the school, including some teachers, as the club’s talents were shunned in place of being branded nerdy and lame.

Similarity Match: 95%
Like ‘Make It or Break It’, there is an overload of talent shown in ‘Glee’ that will make you wish you had similar skills to be on the show!

‘Friday Night Lights’ (Universal, 2006)

“Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” – that’s the mantra of the fictional American football team, Dillon High School Panthers, that are featured on this TV show.

This high school drama is about an American football team mixed with life problems such as alcoholism, family burdens, complicated social pressures and a mesh of other life and personal issues.

The show has a strong focal point of football, teamwork and team sports, the latter two points making it a series that is similar to ‘Make It or Break It’.

Not just from the football player’s perspective, but also from the Coach’s point of view, the show reveals the obsession with football that everyone in the local community has. Some of the team’s players including Brian Williams and the Coach, Eric Taylor, have tireless aspirations of reaching football success while others are more focused on their personal lives in the show.

Similarity Match: 55%
Although the storyline in ‘Friday Night Lights’ often deters from American football, like ‘Make It Or Break It’ their sport is what keeps the characters connected.

‘Blue Mountain State’ (Spike, 2010)

Hilarious comedy, ‘Blue Mountain State’ is focused on two things: winning college football and scoring girls. With crass humour, passionate players and dirty jokes, this is a TV series like ‘Make It or Break It’ simply because of the passion and energy the characters have for their sport.

They play hard and party hard – that’s the whole idea of the show and it makes for great TV. It portrays aspects of college life in America and has plenty of scenes involving sex, drugs, alcohol consumption and crazy parties.

The characters are wild but loveable and they’re definitely a team you can get behind.

Similarity Match: 40%
Like ‘Make It or Break It’, ‘Blue Mountain State’ got cancelled but after a super successful Kickstarter campaign it will be made into a film called ‘The BMS Movie’ instead.


Winning Always Comes at a Price – Even If It Means Losing Friends along the Way or Dealing with Difficult Predicaments

This list has a good mix of humour and drama, but what they all have in common is a passion for their craft and a dream to be the best.

If you have any other suggestions of TV shows with incredible talents, feel free to let us know!

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