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5 Shows like King of Queens: Classic American Sitcom

A classic sitcom with a childless couple. Full of hilarious jokes and awesome moments, like when Carrie drove like a NASCAR driver to get a parking spot. For more shows like ‘King of Queens’ give ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, ‘Leah Remini: It’s All Relative’, or ‘Yes, Dear’ a shot.

Fun For the Whole Family

Carrie and Doug seem to follow the unusual trend we see in America of an amazingly hot chick with an attitude being in love with an overweight, rather goofy guy of somewhat less maturity. While Carrie offers Doug a stick of gum, he gives her the puppy dog face and tells her that he wants a gum ball from the machine.

Corny jokes are corny enough that the kids can hear them, while funny enough that adults will enjoy them. For example, as Carrie grocery shops, her sometimes crazy father points out that her mother would roll over in her grave if he saw her making stuffing from a box. Then, she would roll over again at the thought of cranberry sauce from a can. Doug quickly pointed out that at least that would put her back in the right position.


Shows Similar to ‘King of Queens’…

‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ (CBS, 1996‐2005)

In ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, Ray Barone and his wife live right across the street from Ray’s parents, and brother. As the mother in law is quick to criticize everything from how clean the house is to how Ray’s food should be made, in that snotty little way that mother in laws do, the family remains full of witty comebacks. The parents across the street are the crazy old couple, while Robert fills the role of the brother that has a crush on Debra, Ray’s wife.

Similarity Match: 95%
You get the same addition of the parents and the traditional American family with crazy plots and sarcastic humor, but you get the hilarious addition of kids with the Barone family.

‘Yes Dear’ (CBS, 2000‐2006)

Two families struggle to live almost under one roof in this hilarious sitcom. Christine and Kim are two sisters that couldn’t be more different. Kim is one of those paranoid parents that insists on hand sanitizer before touching the baby, while Christine has a much more relaxed approach to parenting, and lives in Kim’s guest house with her unemployed boyfriend.

The husbands of the clan work in perfect harmony with the wives, with Greg being as OCD as Kim and Jimmy being a bit more irresponsible than Christine. The contrasts alone are hilarious enough, but the same witty comebacks in tv shows like King of Queens will keep you entertained for the entire episode.

Similarity Match: 90%
You won’t get to see the crazy in laws, but you’ll get the same sarcastic humor and hilarious moments that ‘Kings of Queens’ became known for.

‘According to Jim’ (ABC, 2001‐2009)

Ok, the whole show is hilarious, but Jim definitely holds the spotlight with his immaturity and crazy stunts that significantly add to the humor of the show. The comedy is a bit expected, like when Jim forgot to grab the Halloween candy, and his wife handed out meatloaf. Regardless, the family as a whole is still hilarious.

You also get the awesome friends and family to complete this tv series like ‘Kings of Queens.’ Dana, for example, who convinces Cheryl to take back her closet when Jim declares that she is taking over his space.

Similarity Match: 90%
The same style of humor you grew to love with ‘King of Queens’, but without the crazy in laws and with the addition of children.


If You Like ‘King of Queens’, You Will Like…

‘How I Met Your Mother’ (CBS, 2005‐2014)

‘How I Met Your Mother’ reminds me more of ‘Friends’ than anything else, but that friendly comedy that CBS often gives you is there. You get a little bit of everything, from the friend that is full of one night stands (Barney) to the couple that seems to last forever (Lily and Marshall). The comedy style is what made me think of this show when writing this list of series similar to ‘King of Queens.’ It’s hilarious, and most of the jokes are family appropriate.

Sarcasm never gets old, and you’ll get plenty of it with ‘How I Met Your Mother’, just like with ‘King of Queens’, but instead of the family consisting of a couple and their father, you’ll get a family bond amongst friends.

‘Leah Remini: It’s All Relative’ (TLC, 2014‐present)

If you liked Leah Remini (Carrie) in ‘King of Queens’, you’ll love her in ‘Leah Remini: It’s All Relative’. You get the same dose of cynical humor, but in this version she has a family. It’s kind of like if Doug and Carrie moved to a big city, had a few kids, and became “that” family that can afford a nanny. Watch as she juggles her life, career and family complete with the hilarity that we’ve come to expect from Leah Remini.

Leah Remini is full of the same humorous moments, but in this show we get to meet the whole family and watch their struggles and decisions, like the possible boob job for a birthday present.


Classic Sitcoms For the Whole Family

Each show has the same theme of that classic American sitcom that is seen in ‘King of Queens’, but with a twist. ‘King of Queens’ was some good natured humor that adults could laugh at and never had to worry about whether or not the children were in the room. Whether these shows similar to ‘King of Queens’ have an entire family or are centered on one couple, they all have that one thing in common. I enjoy the ones that have an entire family, as they seem to be full of irony and humor.

If you could choose one though, which do you think is funnier: the sitcoms with a couple/friends, or with a whole family?

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