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6 Shows like Key & Peele: Hilarious Skits

Adam Pothitos itcherSketch comedy TV shows like ‘Key & Peele’ are perfect for anyone looking for a quick laugh. Shows such as ‘Mitchell and Webb’ and ‘The Kids in the Hall’ are often outrageously funny, too! Not to mention that they often deal with important contemporary issues. ~ Adam Pothitos

Who’s the Character?

In every successful sketch comedy show, each character feels like a real person. There’s no denying that ‘Key & Peele’ is an extremely funny and relatable comedy.

However, the duo’s skits often work as sharp commentaries of modern culture, politics, and racial stereotypes.


Shows Similar to ‘Key & Peele’…

‘In Living Color’ (Fox, 1990-1994)

If you want to see celebrities like Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, and Jennifer Lopez before they were famous, ‘In Living Color’ is the best place to start. This show not only propelled the careers of several actors and actresses, it was also one of the most influential series of its time.

‘In Living Color’ never adhered to stereotypes, aiming instead to break them down. Plus, a lot of the show’s skits will not be replicated in the near future as political correctness was not exactly huge in the 90s.

Similarity Match: 90%
‘In Living Color’ was an obvious inspiration for series similar to ‘Key & Peele’, though the show did feature a larger cast of characters.

‘Chappelle’s Show’ (Comedy Central, 2003-2006)

If you’ve been following ‘Key & Peele’ closely then you might have heard the comparisons between ‘Chappelle’s Show’ already. This was one of the first sketch shows to focus on race and racial stereotypes in the funniest and most absurd ways possible.

Like ‘Key & Peele’, many of this show’s episodes are instantly quotable even though they come from a different cultural age. The differences and similarities between the two shows have also been discussed at length.

Similarity Match: 85%
‘Key & Peele’ is inherently similar to ‘Chappelle’s Show’ as the two follow an identical format and closely-related subject matters.

‘That Mitchell and Webb Look’ (BBC Two, 2006-2010)

The eponymous duo of David Mitchell and Robert Webb managed to bring their radio show onto TV and the result was spectacular. ‘That Mitchell and Webb Look’ features a huge range of sketches, both recurring and one-offs.

The vast majority of the skits are incredibly innovative, which keep things fresh at all times. Though there are too many examples to list here, it’s safe to say you’ll be quoting parts of the show in no time.

Similarity Match: 80%
Though ‘That Mitchell and Webb Look’ rarely focuses on contemporary issues, its dry humor and extraordinary characters are very similar to TV series like ‘Key & Peele’.

‘The Kids in the Hall’ (CBC, HBO, 1988-1995)

Though the show ended more than 20 years ago, ‘The Kids in the Hall’ is not outdated at all.

True, some of the skits were based on contemporary culture, but most of them are universal and timeless. In fact, the sketches are comparable to Monty Python as they were frequently controversial and very surreal.

The show is outrageous, shameless, and extremely funny, with a cast of characters that range from seemingly normal people to a hypersexual half-human/half-chicken hybrid.

Similarity Match: 80%
A lot of the sketches found in ‘Key & Peele’ were inspired by ‘The Kids in the Hall’, though the two shows have different kinds of humor.

‘The Armstrong and Miller Show’ (BBC One, 2007-2010)

The comedic duo of Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller return to form in this show that parodies pop culture and satirizes life in Britain and the West in general.

‘The Armstrong and Miller Show’ features a huge range of sketches which usually depict normal people with extraordinary characteristics.

The show is at its funniest when it makes fun of stereotypes. As such, expect to see fighter pilots talking in slang and high-street cashiers swearing at their customers like it’s an entirely normal thing to do.

Similarity Match: 75%
Like ‘Key & Peele’, the show is at its funniest when it makes fun of stereotypes. But this time it is British culture the object of laughter.


If You Like ‘Key & Peele’, You Will Like…

Creating and running a successful sketch show is much harder than it may seem. On one hand, a lot of sketches are self-referential and feature meta jokes. On the other hand, the viewer rarely understands the amount of work necessary to produce so many different sketches.

‘30 Rock’ (NBC, 2006-2013)

Frequently hailed as one of the funniest and smartest TV shows of all time, ‘30 Rock’ offers a satirical glimpse into the creation of sketch shows. A lot of the stories are based on Tina Fey’s own experiences with ‘Saturday Night Live’, the most famous American variety show in existence.

‘30 Rock’ is a frantic, fast-paced TV series that most sketch show fans should enjoy.


A Barrage of Absurdity

TV critics and audiences alike have always appreciated their comedians, a fact that will hopefully remain true for a very long time. Shows like ‘Key & Peele’ are often incredible satires which manage to make us laugh even when the subject of a sketch is actually serious.

If you would like to talk about other shows similar to ‘Key & Peele’, share your favorites in the comments!

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