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4 Shows like Jane The Virgin: Quirky & Adventurous

Kirsteen Duckers itcherTV shows like ‘Jane The Virgin’, ‘Ugly Betty’ and ‘Unbreakable’, Kimmy Schmidt give an original take on TV rom-coms with fun story-lines, stand out leads and unpredictable plots. ~ Kirsteen Duckers

Addictively Playful and Charmingly Original

Tired of cookie-cutter romcom shows with clichéd paper-thin characters and oh-so-predictable plot-lines? ‘Jane The Virgin’ renovates the tired TV rom-com genre thanks to its kooky story-line, amazing lead actress and its ability to serve up hilarious comedy and engaging drama all in one show!

‘Jane The Virgin’ follows the story of Jane, who lives a pretty uneventful life, she’s in teacher training and is engaged to her kind-hearted, handsome boyfriend Michael – and in line with the cultural values of her grandma, determined to stay a virgin until marriage. However, when her doctor accidentally inseminates her with her boss’s sperm (who she’s been crushing on for years), meant for his possessive, neurotic wife in the next room – her life takes on the drama of the telenovas she binge watches with her family.

Sounds far fetched? The kooky plot is actually one of the things that makes the show so fresh and original. The show is well-written and flaunts a host a of imaginative, colourful and hilarious characters and story arches, making ‘Jane The Virgin’ addictively good TV.

Are you curious for more shows that charm with an addictive playfulness and originality? Look no further…


Shows Similar to ‘Jane The Virgin’…

‘Ugly Betty’ (ABC, 2006)

‘Ugly Betty’ follows awkward, uncool, ‘ugly’ Betty as she tries to fit in with her stylish colleagues, as an assistant at Mode Magazine. Early seasons of the show were quirky and hilarious and hooked everyone that watched – a style matched by ‘Jane The Virgin’.

Like Jane, Betty seeks to balance her cultural identity and values and her important family relationships with her future plans and goals. For Betty, this means working to be accepted and to succeed at Mode Magazine, while for Jane, this means planning out a life for her baby while staying true to herself and her family.

And like ‘Jane The Virgin’, one of the things that makes ‘Ugly Betty’ so great is the diverse range of characters full of personality who are all amazingly acted. From the conniving, manipulative, high off her own evil Petra in ‘Jane The Virgin’, to the cold, stylish Amanda in ‘Ugly Betty’. From Glee club loving, yet wiser than an Agony Aunt, Justin to the coolly sexy playboy Rafael.

Similarity Match: 80%
The playful, colourful, brilliantly funny style of ‘Jane The Virgin’ is almost exactly the same as that of ‘Ugly Betty’. Both have awesome characters and deal with main characters who are trying to balance past ties and future dreams.

‘Hart of Dixie’ (The CW, 2011)

Zoe, played by O.C favorite Rachel Bilson, moves from New York to the quiet, small town of Bluebell to take up work in a medical practice, left behind to her by her recently deceased employer.

Like ‘Jane The Virgin’, ‘Hart of Dixie’ is an adorable, rom-com that centers on a love-triangle (involving Zoe, handsome country boy George and hot bad-boy Wade in ‘Hart of Dixie’) and the overcoming of challenges.

Both come head to head with their own mean girls, Zoe – Lemon, whose saccharin sweet surface hides the malice beneath and Jane – Petra, the narcissistic and conniving jealous ex of her Boss whose baby Jane is having.

If you liked ‘Hart of Dixie’, I’m sure you’ll also enjoy these similar shows.

Similarity Match: 70%
‘Hart of Dixie’ is less kooky and original than ‘Jane The Virgin’. Yet both focus on self-discovery, exciting love triangles and arch-nemeses.


If You Like ‘Jane The Virgin’, You Will Like…

Looking for TV shows that revolve around totally quirky lead characters? Then check out the mentions below…

‘New Girl’ (Fox, 2011)

Follow cutie Zooey Deschanel who plays bubbly, off-beat, adorable Jess as she moves into an apartment with three guys, after breaking up with a cheating ex. While the main premise of ‘New Girl’ is pretty standard, Jess and her friends get up to quirky and wonderful adventures, rivalling the originality of ‘Jane The Virgin’; such as getting love life makeovers from Prince and impersonating Micheal Keaton in letters to Jess’ friend, Schmidt.

Unlike ‘Jane The Virgin’, which revolves around an equally well-thought out group of characters with strong personalities, the ambitions and strength of ‘New Girl’ hangs on its lead, the ‘adorkable’ Jess. Jess’ role is to simultaneously, demonstrate the endearingness of ‘cute’ that pop culture has long forgotten, to challenge the idea that the best kind of femininity has to be the tough-independent lead female character archetype and to show the awesomeness of cake, quirky dance moves and cute outfits.

This TV series like ‘Jane The Virgin’ is just as quirky and innovative and sparkles with a strong, witty, playful writing style which has led to enthusiastic reviews from critics.

‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ (Universal Television, 2015)

If it’s written and produced by ‘Mean Girls’ creator Tina Fey, you know it’s going to be good. ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’, follows thirty-something Kimmy in her cultural and social adaptation to 21st century New York, after being trapped in a bunker by a cult leader since she was a teenager. Kimmy kind of reminds you of your middle school best friend, in her Crayola coloured outfits, she lives inside a pink cloud of joy and self-assurance. The song in the opening credits is also amazing and ridiculously catchy.

‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ shows brilliance for colorful, original and adventurous jokes, characters and story telling. A lot of rom-coms follow a predictable plot, but like Jane The Virgin, the off-beat plot of ‘The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ elevates the excitement of the show and keeps it fresh and unpredictable.


Excited for a New, Adventrous Twist on the Rom-Com TV Classic?

Then be sure to check out these awesome shows! Know of another quirky gem we don’t?

Let us know below!

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