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5 Shows like Jane by Design: Lead Double Lives

‘Jane by Design’ follows high-school student Jane Quimby who leads a double life as a twenty-something fashion assistant. Leading a double life can be troublesome to say the least, as Jane soon finds out. TV shows like ‘Jane by Design’ include ‘Suits’, ‘The Lying Game’ and ‘Ringer’, which also follow the protagonists leading double lives.

Two Roles, One Person

Imagine you’re working at your dream job and earning a LOT of money, all whilst you’re still in high-school. That sounds impossible doesn’t it? Well, not for Jane Quimby! Jane works as an assistant to fashion executive, Gray Chandler Murray, however she has a secret. She is still in high-school and only her best friend Billy knows the truth. Jane has to work hard in order to maintain her double life but will she be able pull it off? If that sounds good to you, then here are five TV series similar to ‘Jane by Design’. 


Shows Similar to ‘Jane by Design’…

‘Suits’ (Universal Cable Productions, 2011)

Suits’ focuses on Mike Ross, a college dropout with eidetic memory. He stumbles across a job opening as a lawyer and is hired by chance! He must maintain his job whilst hiding the fact that he hasn’t actually graduated from law school even know he knows the law like the back of his hand.

Similarity Match: 90%
For both shows, the leading characters are leading double lives, both are determined to keep their secrets hidden for as long as possible in order to live out their dreams and both shows rely on dramatic irony, however one show follows a teenage girl whilst the other follows a young man.

‘The Lying Game’ (Warner Horizon Television, 2011)

‘The Lying Game’ follows Emma who soon learns that she has an identical twin sister, Sutton. Sutton talks Emma into stepping into her life for a few days and when Sutton fails to return to the girls’ meeting place to switch back to their original lives, Emma has to decide whether to come clean about her identity or to continue playing the lying game.

Similarity Match: 80%
Although this show focuses more on mystery, both shows follow teenage protagonists who are leading doubles lives for good reasons whilst risking their secrets being exposed.

‘Ringer’ (Warner Bros. Television, 2011)

Bridget Kelly assumes the role of her sister Siobhan’s identity, whilst trying to fit in among Siobhan’s wealthy social circle. Her sister seems to commit suicide and after Bridget testifies against her former boss who committed a murder that she witnessed, she has no choice but to lead a second life.

Similarity Match: 70%
Although this show may not be following a teenager, it follows the same concepts as ‘Jane by Design’ by portraying one person caught up in a double life.


If You Like ‘Jane by Design’, You Will Like…

If you want TV shows similar to ‘Jane by Design’ but something a bit more intense and gripping then ‘Dexter’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ are for you.

‘Dexter’ (Showtime Networks, 2006)

The show ‘Dexter follows title character working for the fictional Miami Metro Police Department as a blood spatter pattern analyst who also leads a secret life as a ‘good’ serial killer, hunting down murderers and criminals who have slipped through the cracks of the justice system.

Dexter and Jane live in worlds far apart however both shows will have you gripped by the secrets and drama that is encompassed within them.

‘Breaking Bad’ (Sony Pictures Television, 2008)

Walter White has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and believes that his only way to provide his family with enough money once he’s dead is to become a manufacturer of methamphetamine. However, he hides this brutal truth from his whole family including his wife, son and DEA agent brother-in-law. For more shows like ‘Breaking Bad’, check here.

Producing and selling drugs is a far cry from the world of a fashion assistant however both shows display what issues can occur when you lead double roles whilst hiding the truth from your family and loves ones.


Want To Lead A Double Life After Watching These Shows?

Each of these five shows portray the issues of characters having two identities in a fun and attention-grabbing fashion. Whether they’re light-hearted and humorous or dark and mysterious, we’re positive these shows will have you wanting more.

Do you have any thoughts on these shows or know of any more that feature characters with double lives?

Comment below and let us know!

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