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5 Shows like Ja’mie Private School Girl: Chris Lilley and the Like

samar2Ja’mie… that’s J-A-Apostrophe-M-I-E. Weird name, I know, but you’ll get used to it’.

And so began Ja’ime’s reign over the popular crowd during her exchange with Summer Heights High. Back at her exclusive prep school, Hillford Girls Grammar, for the last few months of year twelve, the perfect prefect stops at nothing to make sure she’s awarded the prestigious Hillford Medal.

Here are some more mockumentary dramas by Chris Lilley and comedians like him! ~ Samar N

Shows Similar To ‘Ja’mie Private School Girl’

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‘Angry Boys’ (ABC/HBO, 2011)

True to style, Chris Lilley plays a range of characters with bold and politically incorrect satire, though he falls short of the comedic genius of ‘Summer Heights’.

This show sees a more eclectic mix of parodies, including an American rapper whose claim to fame is a rap song identifying him as an “underprivileged black kid from the slums”, when he is, in fact, from a wealthy suburb.

Lilley also plays a Japanese mum who forces her son to pretend he’s gay to sensationalize his success as the first gay skateboarding champion.

As if that’s not enough, Lilley acts as a dismembered champion surfer, a racist, spinisterly guard at a juvenile detention facility, and her two teenage grandsons.


Similarity Match

Chris Lilley plays his biggest range of characters. 



‘Summer Heights High’ (ABC, 2007)

The best of Lilley’s series, this documentary-style show of high school life focuses on the perspectives of three equally funny and likable characters: diva and ‘Director of Performing Arts’, Mr G., private school exchange student, Ja’mie King, and the rowdy, coarse Tongan student, Jonah Takalua.

This series similar to ‘Ja’mie Private School Girl’ is so good, you won’t believe it’s a mockumentary!


Similarity Match

Lilley convincingly plays three incredibly different and hilarious stereotypes of high school life.



‘We Can Be Heroes: Finding The Australian of the Year’ (ABC, 2005)

In his first series, Chris Lilley plays five nominees for the real-life title of ‘Australian of the Year’ and introduces us to his later characters, Ja’ime King and ‘Angry Boys’ Nathan and Daniel.

Apparently, Lilley’s performances were so convincing that when the show first premiered on Australian TV, viewers complained on the radio about the nominees’ behaviour on the show.


Similarity Match

Lilley's first comedy.



‘Peep Show’ (Channel 4, 2003 – 2015)

Though not a mockumentary by Chris Lilley, Channel 4’s ‘Peep Show’ similary pushes the boundaries of satire.

Alternating between the perspectives of two dysfunctional friends, Mark and Jeremy, who share a flat in Croydon, South London, the fisheye lens follows them through their daily activities as they candidly proffer virtually every crude thought that passes through their minds, in properly Joycean fashion.


Similarity Match

Two dysfunctional friends offer stream of consciousness commentary.


If You Like ‘Ja’mie Private School Girl’, You Will Like

‘Jonah From Tonga’ (ABC, 2014)

‘Jonah From Tonga’ is the second spin-off of ‘Summer Heights High’ (‘Ja’ime’ is the first). One of Lilley’s best-loved characters, Jonah is a Polynesian boy who longs to be a breakdancer, but never manages to behave long enough not to end up in the school counselor’s office.

However, as a young Polynesian points out in an article comparing Lilley’s comedies to a modern minstrel show, Lilley reinscribes the prejudices he seems to be ridiculing:

“Jonah is decorated with every stereotype the public presumes, many of which are left hanging – whether it’s Jonah’s prejudice, his authoritarian father, or the Polynesian cronies played by actors who are forced to play caricatures of themselves.”



Similarity Match

Jonah is an endearing, though problematic, caricature.


What Would You Add?

That’s my list of TV series like ‘Ja’mie Private School Girl’. Share your recommendations below!

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