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5 Shows like Huntik: Old Enough for Justice

James Thomas itcherKids enjoy watching heroes save the world because they want to fill that role. It’s not enough to be a sidekick – why be Robin when you can be Batman? TV shows like ‘Huntik’ feature young people rising to the occasion and finding out if they have what it takes to be champions for justice. Consequently, shows like ‘Monsuno’, ‘Monster Allergy’, and ‘Slugterra’ feature kids becoming the stuff of legends.~ James Thomas

Lok in Magic Bootcamp

Lok from ‘Huntik’ takes the inspiration for his bravery from his lost father and from Indiana Jones. Later, it’s revealed that the reason for Lok’s paternal deficit is linked to his acquisition of an absurd new power and his daddy’s own wanderlust.

Following this discovery, Lok and a few other young people are drafted into a shadow war, thus becoming magicians known as seekers. Thanks to this title, they can call upon the power of magical smart bombs known as titans, assisting them in everything from class projects to epic beat downs.

Consequently, the show ‘Huntik’ is built on a team dynamic and the occasional abuse of massive amounts of mystical power.


Shows Similar to ‘Huntik’…

‘Monsuno’ (Nicktoons, 2012-2015)

One could call ‘Monsuno’ the ‘Digimon’ for teens. However, this is a show made with equal parts Japanese and American influences, resulting in it being more of a cartoon than anime. This blend of Japanese and American style makes the show really fun to watch and the action surprisingly accessible.

The plot revolves around creatures called Monsuno that are the product of ancient DNA preservation techniques and modern science, which resurrects creatures that are fully armed and weaponized for the enjoyment of young folks.

One of the kids with access to the Monsuno is Chase who’s on the hunt for his missing father, the creator of the Monsuno monster technology. Like many TV shows like ‘Huntik’, the characters in ‘Monsuno’ face off against an organization that is bent on controlling these super beasts for their own nefarious plans.

Similarity Match: 90%
Similar to ‘Huntik’, ‘Monsuno’ is about kids finding an inner strength and the power to influence astounding beasts. However, this show is grounded in shaky ideas about DNA that would make a biology professor giggle.

‘Slugterra’ (Disney XD, 2012-)

The world is a strange place and Eli Shane must journey to a place that’s even stranger to keep it safe. The excursion begins as Eli is marooned in the realm of Slugterra, a place located under the mantle of the earth’s surface and inhabited by all manners of strange creatures. Thankfully, he did not come unprepared and is packing a gun that shoots little creatures called slugs.

The slugs in question aren’t little chunks of slimy mucous and meat. These slugs are small, radioactive rockets that can be focused through weapons called slug blasters. When fired from the blasters at breakneck speed, they are activated and explode on contact, emitting waves of energy.

With this knowledge, Eli uses a variety of his slimy little helpers to defend the realm of Slugterra from evil while searching for his father.

Similarity Match: 85%
Unlike ‘Huntik’ this show is set in a whole new world tucked away from humanity. However, both of the main characters in ‘Slugterra’ and ‘Huntik’ are the product of absentee fathers who thought their children would be better off fighting monsters rather than being safe in school.

‘Monster Allergy’ (Rai Due, 2006-2008)

Having special abilities is cool unless it means you embarrass yourself by talking with invisible creatures in public. An example of this is Zick, who sees invisible monsters and ghost that inhabit the world around us, spirits that eat our shoes, levitate couches, and occasionally kidnap children for food or fun.

Unfortunately, Zick’s ability comes at a price as he has nearly every allergy known to humankind.

Still, he is stalwart and tough enough not to let things like a peanut allergy kill him off so he can become a monster tamer and defend the world against horrible creatures, just like his absent father.

Similarity Match: 80%
Unlike the main character in ‘Huntik’, Zick is pretty much alone in his crusade to protect others from being harassed by disembodied spooks. However, both shows deal with a kid who has serious ambitions and hardly any impulse control.


If You Like ‘Huntik’, You Will Like…

‘Huntik’ is built on the idea of magic being weaponized and refined for maximum destruction.

The next shows deal with kids who have exceptional abilities that are less mystical than those in ‘Huntik’, but who still fight for what’s right.

‘Motorcity’ (Disney XD, 2012-2013)

‘Motorcity’ is a show about really loud and really angry-sounding muscle cars racing down the city streets. The city in question has been paved over and made into a subterranean rats’ nest called Old Detroit, which physically and figuratively supports a super city called Detroit Deluxe.

Underneath Detroit Deluxe lives a young, brash hero named Mike Chilton. He and his friends drive fully-armed classic cars and function as freedom fighters known as the Burners, defending the people of Old Detroit from Abraham Kane, the ruler of Detroit Deluxe.

Similarly to many TV series like ‘Huntik’, ‘Motorcity’ features a reckless group of young people facing off against a well-organized and shady faction with designs on making the world into their plaything.

Unlike ‘Huntik’, ‘Motorcity’ is about engines and not magic. But both shows deal with an evil organization that is trying to take over the world and a group of young people trying to stop them.

‘Ben 10 Ultimate Alien’ (Cartoon Network, 2010-2013)

‘Ben 10 Ultimate Alien’ follows the perilous adventures of Ben Tennyson, his part alien cousin Gwen, her boyfriend Kevin, and a whole host of other aliens and alien hybrids as they protect the Earth from invaders.

The show features all sorts of cool action sequences highlighting Ben’s ability to change his DNA and transform into a variety of different alien species.  

Additionally, Ben and his friends are not alone in this adventure as they are supported by a group known as The Plumbers who are part of a long lineage of fighters working to stop threats from the likes of Vilgax.

Both ‘Huntik’ and ‘Ben 10 Ultimate Alien’ deal with children that have the power to flatten the world if they felt so inclined. But in the case of ‘Ben 10 Ultimate Alien’, the power is born from weird science and not magic.


The Teen Terrors Strike Back

The magic in ‘Huntik’ is drawn from ancient myths that can be researched in any library. Each of the creatures unleashed by the protagonist has a rich history and cultural significance.

Do you think stories are more interesting if they are grounded in myth?

Let us know in the comments down below.

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