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5 Shows like Homeland: You Can Never Go Home Again

Nicolas Brody returns to his home country a hero, but little do we know what happened to him when he was held in captivity in Iraq. Homeland is drama at its most intense, delving deep into the morals of war with a controversial romance thrown into the loop to spice things up. If you simply cannot get enough political drama, catch Prisoners of War and the Warner Brothers’ drama, Hostages.

Hero or Villain? You Decide

Homeland takes us on a dark ride through the tangled web of the CIA and Al-Qaeda.

As a fan of the show, you may have been undecided on your impression of war hero, Nicolas Brody, as many twists and turns have us changing our allegiances after almost every episode. Clare Danes plays the role of CIA agent Carrie excellently – although she can be annoying at times – as we see her struggle to do the right thing as she deals with her personal mental health problems.

If you’re looking for TV series like Homeland that are just as intense, The Americans will have you on the edge of your seat and White Collar will show you just how easy it is for everyday people to get caught up with the FBI.

‘Prisoners of War’ (Keshet, 2009-2012)

The writers of Homeland were inspired by Israeli drama, Prisoners of War. Like many US shows that have been inspired by foreign drama, Prisoner of War offers more depth, as it does not feel the need to create crazy plot lines and stray away from its main message in order to hit rating targets.

The story of three Israeli soldiers breaking out of captivity after 17 years is thrilling, emotional, and will have you gripped. Prisoners of War allows great insight into Middle Eastern Politics and viewers are encouraged to empathise with almost all of the characters in the show, as opposed to the ‘good guy’ or ‘bad guy’.

If you love foreign imports, you’ll love these must-see TV series form around the world.

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Similarity Match: 95%
Homeland sticks close to the plot lines and characterisations of Prisoners of War, so there are many direct comparisons. If you loved the plot twists in Homeland, you’ll be blown away by how Prisoners of War takes them to a whole new level.

‘The Americans’ (Dreamworks, 2013-)

Two Soviet spys masquerade as a normal American family in Washington DC. By day, the couple are hardworking parents who appear to be living the American dream, but at night, their devious plans come alive.

The plot lines are startlingly real, leaving viewers to question the politics of war and where their loyalties lie. The Americans is based on a true life story from Russia and the writers do a great job in keeping the show as realistic as possible.

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Similarity Match: 90%
Secrets, lies, undercover operations, and romantic deception fill every episode of this show, just like Homeland. The Americans is not as far-fetched as Homeland, though, making it a heap of a lot scarier.

‘Covert Affairs’ (Universal Cable, 2010-)

Covert Affairs is another series like Homeland, full of thrilling story lines and engaging characters.

The show follows the story of undercover CIA agent, Annie Walker, who’s been assigned to the Domestic Protection Division (DPD). We see Annie juggle her undercover roles as a museum worker and CIA agent with plenty of jaw-dropping plot lines to keep the audience entertained.

The show is American, so expect a little over-the-top drama and unrealistic plot jumps, but overall, this thriller will keep you engrossed episode after episode.

Similarity Match: 85%
Like Carrie, Annie Walker must face her fears and be prepared to question her morals as she looks to make America a safer place.

‘White Collar’ (Fox, 2009-2014)

Follow the unlikely duo of con artist Neal Caffrey and FBI agent Peter Burke as they work together to solve white collar crime.

The pair finds themselves in some very unreal situations as they chase elusive criminals and take down high profile gangs. Caffrey struggles to contain his wild ways in order to help the FBI, but he realises that he must betray the trust of fellow cons in order to secure his own freedom.

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Similarity Match: 75%
In White Collar we do not see the world at risk, as in Homeland, but Caffrey and Burke still have a very important job to do, often putting their lives in just as much danger as Carrie and Co.

‘Hostages’ (Warner Brothers, 2013)

Toni Collette and Dylan McDermott are the big name stars of this gripping US mini series. Collette plays surgeon Dr Ellen Sanders, who is blackmailed into a plot to assassinate  the president of the United States. The blackmailers taker Ellen and her family hostage, leaving her few options. Will Ellen succumb to the deadly blackmailers or will she find the strength to outwit the clever criminals?

The two main stars produce some of the best TV acting in a long while, making this show a worthwhile investment.

Similarity Match: 70%
Packed full of moral dilemmas and nail-biting episode finales, Hostages will have you gripped. Unlike Homeland, time is spent on careful character development, so we get to see what lies beneath all of the drama.


Pledge Allegiance

If, like me, you could not wait another week to watch the next episode of Homeland, The Americans will give you your next drama fix. For something a little different, but equally engaging, mini-series Hostages will have you hooked.

I hope you like our recommendation for shows similar to Homeland. Can you think of another TV show that you’d like to recommend?

I’d love to read about how I can get my next TV fix in the comments below.

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