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5 Shows like Girls: Real & Relatable

Charlotte Lucas itcher‘Girls’ is Lena Dunham’s brainchild – an honest and mortifying glimpse into the lives of twenty-something New Yorkers trying to get by in the real world. If you’re on the search for TV shows like ‘Girls’, ‘Broad City’ is a must-see for a comedic look at the lives of two women trying to make it in the Big Apple. ‘Orange Is the New Black’ is also female-oriented, engaging viewers and featuring identifiable characters. ~ Charlotte Lucas

The Voice of a Generation

A warts and all representation of female lives, ‘Girls’ has made a good attempt at summing up our generation. Directed by feminist Lena Dunham – who also plays protagonist Hannah Horvath – the show portrays a group of friends’ struggles with their jobs, relationships and the general pitfalls of growing up.

If you’re craving further insight into the reality of being a young person, here are my recommendations for TV series like ‘Girls’.


Shows Similar to ‘Girls’…

‘Broad City’ (Paper Kite Productions, 2014– )

‘Broad City’ likes to laugh at itself. It follows the friendship of two twenty-somethings living in – you guessed it – New York City, and they are ridiculously relatable characters.

If it’s happened to you, it’s happened to them. Blunders include everything from sexual mishaps to getting in trouble at work. Main characters Ilana and Abbi are inspired, with the former coining the phrase, ‘Reduce, reuse, recycle, Rihanna’.

This is essential viewing for any twenty-something.

Similarity Match: 95%
Taking a comedic slant on life, ‘Broad City’ shares a sense of humour with ‘Girls’. Both shows will make you feel like the embarrassing things you’ve done are not so bad and that can only be a good thing.

‘The Bedford Stop’ (Self-Produced, 2015– )

When I first saw ‘The Bedford Stop’, I couldn’t believe it. Marketed as ‘a reality show about Brooklyn girls avoiding reality’, this online series is a nightmare for New Yorkers.

This show has actually added to fears of gentrification in Brooklyn! Controversial for a programme yet to show outside of the web – this article on the side effects of watching it will give you some laughs.

Trigger warning: brunch! Selfies! Tinder! If you have an aversion to vapidity, ‘The Bedford Stop’ is not for you.

Similarity Match: 80%
Watch ‘The Bedford Stop’ if you ever wanted to know what a parody of ‘Girls’ looks like. The former is a supposed reality show, but ‘Girls’ is a much better imitation of real life.

‘Orange Is the New Black’ (Lionsgate Television, 2013– )

Ever since Netflix premiered ‘Orange Is the New Black’ in 2013, it has been a hit. The show focuses on a female prison and how the inmates came to be incarcerated, as well as the obstacles they face while locked up. A highlight is the romance between characters Piper and Alex – forbidden love is just so heart-breaking.

The friendships that form between the women are touching, giving a different perspective on female relationships and smashing stereotypes. Like ‘Girls’, you could easily consider this show to have a feminist standpoint.

Similarity Match: 75%
Female friendships are the heart of both ‘Orange Is the New Black’ and ‘Girls’. Differences? The girls of ‘Girls’ are not clad in orange jumpsuits (so far).


If You Like ‘Girls’, You Will Like…

Here are a couple of further recommendations for TV series similar to ‘Girls’.

The following shows may not solely focus on female relationships and problems, but they navigate the ups and downs of coming of age with optimism akin to ‘Girls’. You will come away smiling.

‘New Girl’ (Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures, 2011– )

‘New Girl’ follows quirky protagonist Jess as she moves in to an apartment with a group of young guys. You will cringe as she attempts to fit in to her new living situation and as the season goes on, we learn more about her new roommates.

This show is potentially even more relatable than ‘Girls’, as each character represents something different. It’s always nice when you can recognise yourself and your own life in a storyline.

As with ‘Girls’, you come to really care about each and every character, particularly if you get through all the seasons. Sold on ‘New Girl’? Check out this pretty awesome review.

In addition to their similar titles, both ‘Girls’ and ‘New Girl’ are feel good and reassuring. Each premise is fundamentally different though.

‘The Mindy Project’ (Universal Television, 2012– )

Fantastic and talented female comedian Mindy Kaling plays a doctor and she makes a hilarious one. In a similar vein to ‘The Office’ (check out our article on this here), the adult world of work is mocked and made light of.

This show is great if you’re a young person struggling with feeling grown up enough and want something relatable to watch.

It’s calamity after calamity, giving you that twisty feeling in your stomach in the hope that everything will go right for Mindy. If that appeals, ‘The Mindy Project’ is for you.

This is similar to ‘Girls’ in that it aims to move away from the voice of the majority in order to hear from minority groups. Respective protagonists Hannah and Mindy are not at all alike, however.


A Vacation from Everyday Life

There are many reasons why we watch TV – escapism, for one. Watching ‘Girls’ can make you feel better about your own life as the problems shown are derived from real experiences.

Many of these recommendations will fulfil that need for you if you’ve run out of ‘Girls’ episodes to watch. 

Can you relate to ‘Girls’?

Let us know what you think about these shows!

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