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5 Shows like Fringe: Always Question the Truth

Bring together a mad scientist, his risk taker son and an ambitious FBI agent and you have the makings of a gripping TV show. Fringe sees this tenacious threesome come together to solve some of the strangest crimes you will ever hear of. If you are looking for more TV shows like Fringe, I heartily recommend cult classic The X Files or the brilliant Alcatraz.

Seeking Answers

A brilliant scientist is shunned by the mainstream, after being institutionalised due to poor health. Upon his recovery, Dr Walter Bishop joins forces with FBI agent Olivia Dunham to solve word crimes that plague the country. Bishop is taken on due to his eye for the unusual and the extraordinary, something Dunham needs in abundance.

Bishop and Dunham are joined by Bishop’s estranged son Peter, to investigate the strange occurrences, that are seemingly related to a global company that is determined to change the word. If you are looking for more TV series like Fringe, here are 5 shows that I heartily recommend.

‘The X Files’ (Ten Thirteen Productions, 1993-2002)

Dana Scully and Fox Mulder are two of the best FBI agents in the country who find themselves working together to investigate paranormal activity. Scully is a scientist and is very reluctant to believe that there is life beyond the world we live in, but Mulder on the other hand is adamant that something else is out there.

Storylines focus heavily on government conspiracies, suspected alien invasions and other weird goings on. Take a look at these top 10 storylines, that will whet your appetite.

Similarity Match: 90%
Fringe was heavily influenced by The X Files, so there are a lot of similarities between the two shows. The writers of Fringe do not rest on their laurels though, as there are some very clever storylines played out.

‘Lost’ (Bad Robot, 2004-2010)

When their plane crashes onto a desert, a group of survivors must pull together to figure out how they can be rescued. The group must do whatever they can to support each other and they are doing a great job, until they uncover mysterious creatures and unearth paranormal activity on the island.

The islanders must pluck up the courage to face the demons on the island and stay strong enough to face their own personal demons.

Similarity Match: 85%
There are no crimes to investigate on the Lost island, but the group must put on their thinking caps and brave faces to figure out the seemingly unexplainable.

‘Heroes’ (Tailwind Productions, 2006-2010)

Another series like Fringe is Heroes. The heroes are a group of young offenders, who are suddenly struck by lightning whilst carrying out community service. The men and women suddenly realise that they have strange powers, that Superman and Spiderman would be proud of.

As well as facing their own personal feelings about becoming superheroes, the group need to come together to fight off the evil Sylar, who wants to steal their powers for himself.

Similarity Match: 80%
Whilst there are elements of darkness in Heroes, the show is a more entertaining look at the supernatural world, whereas Fringe really makes you question evil that runs through the establishment.

‘Alcatraz’ (Bonanza Productions, 2012)

In 1963, all the prisoners and guards mysteriously disappear from Alcatraz, with government officials announcing the closure of the prison as a way of covering up the strange occurrence. Fast forward to the present day and we see that all who disappeared mysteriously resurface.

A secret agency is tasked with re-capturing them and finding out exactly where they have been all of this time. The investigation isn’t easy, as nobody can remember what has happened, so a conspiracy theorist is brought into the team to help investigate.

Similarity Match: 75%
Conspiracy theories and government cover-ups are key aspects of Fringe, so if you like to unravel mysteries you will enjoy Alcatraz.

‘Undercovers’ (Bad Robot, 2010-)

Steven and Samantha Bloom are a happily married couple who run a catering business and live a carefree life. That is how their friends and family see it, but all is not what it seems. We soon learn that the couple has a past as secret CIA spies, who dealt with some of the most high profile cases in the US.

Steven and Samantha find themselves drawn back into their old lifestyle, when a fellow spy goes missing. Reluctant at first, the couple soon finds themselves thriving in their role and enjoying a newly ignited marriage.

Similarity Match: 70%
J.J. Abrams does the same in this show as he did with Fringe, create drama, mystery and excitement that leaves the audience desperate for their next fix. There are lots more light hearted storylines in Undercovers, that will appeal to romantics.


Keep on Discovering

I hope you liked my suggestions for shows similar to Fringe.

If you can think of another TV show that you’d like to recommend to other Fringe fans, I’d love to read about more supernatural drama to feed my TV addiction, in the comments below.

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