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5 Shows like Freaks and Geeks: High School & Nerds

Whoever said that your school days are the best of your life must have been crazy. Lindsay, Dan and their friends cannot wait for school to end so they can finally be themselves without being ridiculed by the school hipsters. If you are missing the gang, we take a look at TV series like ‘Freaks and Geeks’, including the brilliant ‘My So-Called Life’ and the very funny ‘Arrested Development’.

You Got a Friend in Me

Lindsay Weir is a high school ‘mathlete’ who sits firmly in the freak bracket, whilst her shy younger brother is happy to be a geek. Neither of the siblings is in the cool gang at school, so they constantly searching for acceptance from others.

The show portrays the ups and downs of teenage life and what it is like to be on the outside. Other TV shows like ‘Freaks and Geeks’ include the super nerdy ‘Big Bang Theory’ and teenage favourite ‘Dawson’s Creek’.

‘Undeclared’ (Apatow Productions, 2001-2013)

‘Undeclared’ follows College freshman Steve Karp who cannot wait to experience student life, that is until his father decides to tag along for the ride.

Steve is torn between wanting to live it up with his college friends and spending time with his lonely father, after his recent divorce from Steve’s mother. There are tons of cringeworthy moments as we see Steve’s dad try to fit in with a group of people less than half his age.

Similarity Match: 95%
In this show, we see both Steve and his father struggling to fit in, just like the guys in ‘Freaks and Geeks’. There are themes of a more adult nature, which will appeal to older viewers.

‘My So-Called Life’ (Bedford Falls, 1994-1995)

Watch ‘Homeland’s’ Claire Danes in one of her first TV roles as she plays teenager Angela Chase who would do anything to get out of going to school. Actually, there are times when school is the best option when she struggles to deal with her parents, but she will not want anyone to know that!

Angela faces the trials and tribulations that most teenagers go through, only she sees herself as being the only one going through it all.

Similarity Match: 90%
‘My So-Called Life’ is more of a drama show than a comedy show and the main character is not as much an outsider as she thinks she is. If your are in a nostalgic mood this show will take you back to your teenage years.

‘Big Bang Theory’ (Chuck Lorre Productions, 2007-)

Another series like Freaks and Geeks’ is ‘Big Bang Theory’. ‘Big Bang Theory’ draws fans from all walks of life, from science nerds to beauty queens. The story of two socially awkward friends, trying to make sense of life outside of the science lab is very endearing.

Things begin to look up for best friends Leonard and Sheldon when pretty girl Penny moves in across the hall. Are the boys finally going to take their noses out of their books and let their hair down, or are they destined not to let their hair down? Find out in this rite of passage story, with a nerdy twist.

Similarity Match: 80%
I don’t think there is another show on earth that is as geeky as ‘Big Bang Theory,’ so ‘Freaks and Geeks’ fans should be in their element when they watch this show. It is just like the same show 10 years after Lindsay and Co leave high school.

‘Dawson’s Creek’ (Outerbanks Entertainment, 1998-2003)

Capeside is home to Dawson Leery, a very pensive film geek, and his friends Pacey and Joey. When wild child Jen arrives next door, Dawson and his friends are soon caught up in high school dramas, love triangles and heartache.

‘Dawson’s Creek’ is not scared to tackle major issues, such as mental health and homophobia, but still stays light enough for teenagers to enjoy.

Similarity Match: 75%
The ‘Dawson’s Creek’ gang celebrate great friendships so they are not outcasts like the teenagers in ‘Freaks and Geeks’, but the show does touch upon some serious issues that teenagers must face in order to be accepted by one and other.

‘Arrested Development’ (Imagine Entertainment, 2003-)

Michael Bluth has always been the sensible one in his family and when his father is arrested for fraud, he takes on the responsibility of looking after the family business.

Michael soon finds himself losing his mind as he juggles business problems with the problems that his eccentric family bring to him. With his spoilt brothers and sisters to deal with, not to mention his high-maintenance mother, to deal with Michael is soon wishing that his father was back in the realm.

Similarity Match: 70%
Imagine what the characters in ‘Freaks and Geeks’ would be like when they are grown up and you will get the cast of ‘Arrested Development’. Sometimes being bullied does not pass with time, nor does putting yourself into the most laughable of situations.


What Next?

I hope you enjoy these recommendations of shows similar to ‘Freaks and Geeks’.

Is there another TV show that finds laughs in the geeky side of life?

Suggest a series fans would love, in the comments below.

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