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5 Shows like Forever: On the Hunt

Helen Maloney itcher‘Forever’ is another series that has been prematurely cancelled. If you were one of the lucky ones to see and enjoy it, then I have 5 more shows like ‘Forever’ to console you, including the brilliant ‘Bones’, exciting ‘Elementary’ and spooky ‘Sleepy Hollow’. ~ Helen Maloney

Eccentricity Rules

Henry is a man obsessed with death. Now in his 200th year, he works as a medical examiner for the NYPD and soon begins helping them with their cases, while attempting to keep his ‘curse’ a secret from the watchful Det. Martinez.

The 3 following TV shows like ‘Forever’ are full of amateur detectives who help the police with their cases and are a little obsessive.


Shows Similar to ‘Forever’…

‘Elementary’ (2012 – )

Sherlock Holmes is a recovering addict living in New York and his father has hired Joan Watson to be his sober companion. She is fascinated by his work with the NYPD and soon becomes his assistant as he begins to train her to develop her own deductive skills, which in turn helps him to cope.

Not to be confused with Benedict Cumberbatch’s ‘Sherlock, this is nevertheless an interesting and must-see adaptation for any Sherlock Holmes fan out there. I really enjoy the ‘sober companion’ element and the dynamic between Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu). The most fascinating aspect however, at least for me, is the depth it goes into about recovering from trauma or addiction.

Similarity Match: 95%
Like Henry, Sherlock is an exceedingly perceptive man with his eccentricities, troubled past and liking for experiments, though there is no ‘curse’ or immortality.

‘Castle’ (2009 – )

Richard Castle is a bestselling author looking for inspiration, who goes for a ride-along with the beautiful and talented Det. Beckett and her team. He soon proves himself to be an asset and although he isn’t 200 years old, he is a little odd, a fantastic parent and he loves coming up with theories, the wilder the better.

Similarity Match: 85%
There are many similarities between Martinez and Morgan’s relationship dynamic, and the one between Castle and Beckett, but on the whole this series is more light-hearted and less serious.

‘Bones’ (2005 – )

Temperance Brennan is a reserved individual with a love of science and all things bone-related. She and her team get drawn into helping the FBI on a case, and soon a partnership is formed. She begins to grow and build real relationships with her colleagues, all the while solving crimes and catching murderers.

The team itself is full of interesting and unique individuals, including Hodgins (T. J. Thyne) with his love of experiments and obsession with conspiracy theories. ‘Bones’ herself is perceptive and has a fascination for ancient cultures and dead bodies.

Similarity Match: 75%
Like ‘Forever’, ‘Bones’ is full of fascinating cases and scientific facts, yet more is made of Brennan’s personal journey.


If You Like ‘Forever’, You Will Like…

If it’s the more supernatural, 200-year-old man element which intrigues you, then these two TV series like ‘Forever’ are the ones for you.

‘Sleepy Holllow’ (2013 – )

Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) is a man pulled 250 years into the present to help solve a mystery even older than he.

This series is perfect for anyone who enjoys a good mystery but is getting fed up of the same old cop shows, especially if you like a little magic and the supernatural mixed in.  Ichabod himself is a charming character, who reminds me of Henry with his old-world charm, intelligence and wit. He is also very observant, which is incredibly useful to him as he tries to figure out this new time.

Like ‘Forever’, ‘Sleepy Hollow’ is about a man from an earlier time living in a modern world, however, in this case, a lot of historical and mythological facts are included as the characters face the apocalypse.

‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ (2013 – )

This series follows a 25-year-old Da Vinci (Tom Riley) as he struggles to become a recognised and respected inventor and painter. He is a bastard son fighting the limits society will set on his position, a free-thinker in a world where power, secrets and lies are everything, and he struggles with his genius in some interesting and dramatic ways.

It’s a story of betrayal, secrets, violence, politics, romance and so much more. If you want a story with a mystery, obviously with elements of the historical and the supernatural, then this is a great place to start. You can’t help but be drawn in to his crazy yet captivating life and I love the representations of his drawings and the way his mind works.

Like Henry, Da Vinci is a man with obsessions, a man with secrets and a seeker of knowledge, but his story is set in the past.


The Pursuit of Knowledge

One thing all these series similar to ‘Forever’ have in common is the search for the truth, in its various guises, and the different effects this quest has on the lives. In my opinion, this is what makes these shows so interesting, because you keep wanting to know what they are going to discover next, or what case they’re going to have to solve.

I hope you find these films as stimulating and enjoyable as I have. Let me know what you think.

Hi, I′m Helen, I teach English in the UK and am a book addict (I′m serious - if I go too long without reading I get withdrawal symptoms!). I also love music, films, crafting, corresponding and video games. It is impossible for me to sit still unless I′m eating, holding a book or making something.
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